Designing with data

Informatics is about structure, behaviour, and interactions. It’s about natural and engineered information processors. Design is about the generation, development and testing of concepts. It’s about the creation of physical objects, capabilities or services. Design Informatics focuses on designing with data. We can harness massive connectivity, analytic power and industrial-strength simulation to design tangible products and intangible services to transform the ways we work, live at home, care for each other, and play.

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Overview of Resident Entrepreneur programme by Dr Steve Ewing.
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Students, staff and entrepreneurs are exploring the possibilities which emerge when you cross ideas from design and informatics. For instance, how can you attach memories to everyday objects?
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We aim to grow a community of entrepreneurial product designers, fascinated by the interplay between design and technology and driven to create impact through innovative products.
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Every project, student or staff, has to address practical challenges ranging over the ways we work, care and play. To do this, we are building up a community of interest of academics, commercial and public sector organisations.