Design & The City conference

The Design & The City conference is looking for participants for its Lab of Labs programme on April 19-20 in Amsterdam. This event will take place during Design & The City in Amsterdam (19-22 April). The Centre for Design Informatics will be running the "Blockchain City" workshop led by Chris Speed, Larissa Pschetz and Dave Murray-Rust.

Loyalty Scheme Study

We are looking for participants to take part in our study on loyalty schemes (e.g. Sainsbury’s Nectar Card, Boots Advantage Card, Tesco Clubcard, etc). The aim of the study is to understand how you currently use loyalty cards and may want to use them in the future. The study is part of the Connected Highstreet project run by Design Informatics at the Edinburgh College of Art.
To take part you should be an active user of one or more loyalty cards/schemes
OR used cards in the past, but have stopped using them.

NYC Calling: Biodesign Challenge 2017

The University of Edinburgh is taking part in the Biodesign Challenge 2017, a cutting-edge international competition that invites students to explore biotechnology through hands-on design methods.
From January through April, interdisciplinary teams of 3-5 students at the University of Edinburgh will design new materials, artefacts or systems that take inspiration, extend, appropriate, question and / or transform biological systems. Activities and tutorials will take place on Friday mornings. 

We are hiring!

Come and work in beautiful Edinburgh and be part of an exciting research centre (yes, that's us!)

FinTech Hackathon prize

Congratulations to one of our Masters students Meggie Qu who took part in the FinTech Hackathon last weekend and won first prize for her group’s idea!
The Hackathon was organized by The Infinite Kind and hosted by Deloitte Edinburgh 1-3 April 2016. Meggie’s team pitched a charity crowd funding social network business idea and an app which won the first prize. Also in Meggie’s team were Eishel Quinn, Loral Quinn, Robbie Miller, Grant and Robert Hutchinson.

Cally Russell from Mallzee on Dragon's Den

Well done to one of our graduate Resident Entrepreneurs Cally Russell for a fantastic pitch on Dragon's Den on Sunday night (15/02/15). Peter Jones was the only dragon with enough foresight to make Cally an offer but at the cost of 20-15% of the business, after careful thought Cally held on to his business and rejected the offer.

Skills in Action featured in THE

Confessions and Realities of Early Career Research: Lifting the lid on today’s challenges and skills for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and just being an early career researcher took place on 12-13 November, 2014, at Grassmarket Community Centre, Edinburgh.

Design for Informatics in Evening News and BBC

Great to see some of our students getting recognition for their work in the local paper. This project relates to the Design for Informatics course run by Arno Verhoeven. The students have been working with partners in the City Council, through the Edinburgh Living Lab, a teaching/research initiative being set up by James Stewart, Ewan Klein and Arno.

Call for Papers: ‘Exploring incentivisation in design’

A NordiCHI’14 Helsinki workshop

Organised by Chris Speed, Siobhan Magee, Debbie Maxwell, Mark Hartswood (University of Edinburgh)
SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: Deadline now extended to 28th August 2014! 
DATE OF WORKSHOP: 27th October 2014

Treasure Trapper launch

Design Informatics have developed a new interactive game with Edinburgh Museums & Galleries in collaboration with Assembly Rooms and Edinburgh Bus Tours. The app called Treasure Trapper will launch at the City Arts Centre on the 14th of July.
Museum objects will then have escaped into the city, travelling around on Edinburgh Bus Tours and it will be your job to track them down, trap them and return them to their display case in the right venue for visitors to enjoy.

Is Your Marmite Watching You?

Design Informatics took part in this year’s Edinburgh Fringe with the Beltane Public Engagement Network. It showed a new and improved version of Take Me I’m Yours which we have previosuly shown at the Expanded Narative Symposium and at Ubicomp.
Is Your Marmite Watching You? explored what it might be like when all of the objects in our lives become intelligent and talk to one another – and us. This ‘Internet of Things’ is currently being developed by technology companies. Will it threaten our relationships, or give us new opportunities?

Resident Entrepreneur Pixogram joins Soluis

Congratualtions to Jonathan Knox who recently completed our Resident Entrepreneur programme. Jonathan has now joined forces with the Soluis group who have acquired his company Pixogram which will be a fantastic opportunity to take Jonathan's fulldome technology further and market it to a wider client base. See full press release below from Soluis .
NEWS RELEASE 06/05/2014
Soluis Acquires Pixogram


CoGet iPhone software reveals where things want to go, and asks the public to move them on their behalf. Connected to the net, and able to read the social complexity of a local area, CoGet lets objects control people’s movements by predicting where they need to be, and borrowing the legs of a human to move them.
We took the app to the Future Everything Festival in Manchester 29-30 May 2014 and the video shows the results. If you would like to have a go yourself then download the app here

Touching the Neolithic exhibition NMS

6th and 7th December 2013 National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh
One of our Resident Entrepeneurs- Jonathan Knox (Pixogram) will be launching Touching the Neolithic at the National Museum of Scotland next month


One of our Resident Entrepeneurs has won a place in and O2, UK’s 100 most dynamic and innovative small businesses. You can vote for Mallzee to win here

Semester 2, Innovative Learning Week Round Up

This week the Design Informatics Students went to attend the TEI 2014, which is the eighth international conference dedicated to presenting the latest results in tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction. This conference is held from 16th to 19th February 2014 in Munich, Germany.

This is a great opportunity for us to learn and broaden our horizons. On Monday, the opening talk “The Rich-Touch Revolution is Coming” was very impressive. The era of multi-touch is coming to a close, and we are on the eve of an exciting new age of “rich-touch” devices and experience.

Design informatics Week 6 Round Up

Weekly Round up from Msc Design Informatics Student, thanks Sha Li

We are Hiring a Coordinator

We are hiring for a maternity leave position of Research and Projects Coordinator for the Centre
Edinburgh Colleague of Art seeks a pro-active colleague to coordinate and support the portfolio of projects and research undertaken by ECA academic members of the Design Informatics Research Centre, with a focus on industry, outreach and engagement activities, and communications across the centre and its teaching programmes.

Semester 2, Week 3 Round Up

Week 3

Monday: Production Meeting
Our design informatics group will go to attend the 8th TEI (International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction) in Munich. Thus at first, we talk about some details about the itinerary and preparation in Germany. After that we also discuss some new innovative smart devices that can make our design informatics studio wonderful.

Week 5, Semester 2 Round Up

This week, students of Design Informatics went to the workshop for the first time, and we spent the whole afternoon there on 11 Feb. The workshop, which includes the wooden workshop and metal workshop seemed quite interesting for us.
Mark Kobine (DI technician) guided us to the main building of the college of art, we went upstairs and saw the unbelievable machines for the first time. I find that the workshop would be quite useful for my project as I was looking for way to create a model for my project.


Past Events

07 Jul 17 09 Jul 17 Envisaging the Blockchain

Workshop Participants Wanted 7th – 9th July 2017
The University of Lancaster is doing some work in Edinburgh and would like to invite participants to a workshop exploring people’s understanding of how blockchain works and how social trust could be...

More >

02 Jun 17 Compassion Collider

Friday 2 June 2017 2-5pm
Venue: University of Edinburgh, Conference Room, University of Edinburgh Business School, 29 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9JS
The Compassion Initiative

More >

01 May 17 Chair of Material and Design Innovation

Please refer to for full details on how to apply

Chair of Material and Design Innovation
Vacancy Ref: :  039420  Closing Date :  27-Apr-2017
Contact Person : ...

More >

21 Apr 17 DCHRN Seminar: Working with the Public

Where: Charteris 2.03, Moray House School of Education, St John’s St, Edinburgh. Map of location.
When: 21 April 2017, 10:00 – 15:30

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19 Jan 17 30 Mar 17 Research Seminar List Spring 2017

Design Informatics Research Seminar Series

All of the talks are at 4pm on Thursdays, and they will take place in the T-Room, located on the first floor of Evolution House (1.09), West Port.Edinburgh, EH1 2LE. Deatisl fo each semianr will be announced on the website on the week fo the...

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30 Mar 17 Cristina Nan, Research Seminar

The Immaterial Material
Cristina Nan, ESALA, Edinburgh
Thursday 30th March 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (1.09), 78 Westport, EH1 2LE

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28 Mar 17 Design with Data Exhibition

The Design Informatics Masters programme is exhibiting prototypes about data and the city in association with Edinburgh City Council.
Projects will explore The Fringe, neural networks, digital borders, cycling, city emotions and more!
The project will be on show in the Informatics...

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21 Mar 17 24 Mar 17 Research Through Design Conference 2017

The Research Through Design (RTD) Conference is coming to Edinburgh this year, hosted by Design Informatics (Edinburgh College of Art) and Edinburgh Napier University. The conference will take place at the National Museum of Scotland between the 22nd and 24th of March 2017 with the theme New...

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21 Mar 17 24 Mar 17 RTD Talks and Workshops

As part of the Research through Design (RTD) conference we are going to open up our two panel discussions, workshops and keynote from Studio Swine to friends and colleagues to give more people an opportunity to take part in discussions. All talks will take place at the National Museum of...

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17 Mar 17 Bright Minds: neuropolitics and interdisciplinary data challenges

Design Informatics Collider - Bright Minds: Neuropolitics and Interdisciplinary Data Challenges
17 March 1.30-4.30pm
ECA, Design Informatics Studio (1.09), Evolution House, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE

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16 Mar 17 Ewa Luger Research Talk

Making AI Intelligible; Designing for ethical and comprehensible intelligent systems     
Ewa Luger, Design Informatics
Thursday 16th March 4pm T-Room, 1.09 Evolution House, ECA, 78 Westport, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE

More >

09 Mar 17 Marcel Schouwenaar, The Incredible Machine Seminar

Design Informatics Research Seminar: Marcel Schouwenaar
9 March 2017 4pm, Design Informatics Studio, ECA, 1.09 Evolution House, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE
Thoughts on Things: Ethical Dilemmas & the Internet of Things

More >

16 Feb 17 Paolo Quattrone Seminar

Creative accounting (but not in the sense that you mean): visualizations design, data and the need for wise judgments
Paolo Quattrone, Business School, University of Edinburgh

More >

10 Feb 17 Digital Health Collider

Friday 10 February 2017 2-5pm
Design Informatics Studio, ECA, University of Edinburgh, Room 1.09 Evolution House, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE

In the context of more and more people collecting data about their own health and wellbeing, what can we do to help people make sense of the data...

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09 Feb 17 Santini Basra, Seminar

Join us this Thursday for the Design Informatics Research Seminar, all welcome.
Thursday 9th February 4pm T-Room, 1.09 Evolution House, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE
Towards a future focused commercial design practice
Santini Basra, Andthen, Glasgow

More >

02 Feb 17 Research Seminar: Kate Symons

This Thursday 4pm Design Informatics Seminar, all welcome
Room 1.09 Evolution House, Edinburgh College of Art, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE
The Neoliberalisation of Conservation: The Case of the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve, Mozambique

More >

26 Jan 17 Seminar Michael Pierre Johnson

Join us for this weeks Design Informatics Seminar on Thursday 26th January 4.00pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (1.09), EH1 2LE
Mapping Design Things: Framing design as a performative act

More >

19 Jan 17 Gosia Walton seminar

Laser Erotic
Gosia Walton, Artist in Residence, Design Informatics
Thursday 19th January 4.00pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House

More >

24 Nov 16 Karen Gregory Seminar

Weird Solidarities
Karen Gregory, Digital Sociology, University of Edinburgh
Thursday 24th November 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE

More >

17 Nov 16 Data by Design | Behind the Numbers

Rebecca Kaye,, Edinburgh
Thursday 17th November 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (1.09), 78 Westport, EH1 2LE

More >

11 Nov 16 Collider: Internet of Things in the City

Friday 11 November 2-5pm
Design Informatics Studio, ECA, University of Edinburgh, Room 1.09 Evolution House, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE

In the context of a city-wide network for the Internet of Things, what connections can be made that link together civic, cultural and private activities...

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10 Nov 16 Seminar: Cat Macaulay Scottish Government

Thursday 10th November 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (ECA, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE)

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28 Oct 16 KASH Cup

In the near future, every ‘thing’ in the Internet of Things will become a form of currency. Powered by Financial Technologies (Fintech) bots that identify and broker trading opportunities, things will use smart contracts to prevent social and economic value from escaping a community. The KASH...

More >

27 Oct 16 Fred de Haro Seminar

LoRa, Sigfox and LTE-M: How do they compare?
Fred de Haro (CEO, Pycom)
Thursday 27th October 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House

More >

20 Oct 16 Research Seminar Wallscope

Information as a Service
David Eccles, Wallscope

Thursday 20th October 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (1.09), 78 Westport, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE

Wallscope are developing a Cognitive Platform for data to improve its availability across multiple environments and...

More >

14 Oct 16 Collider: Galleries on the Move

‘In the context of increasing democratisation of cultural assets, how might we exploit the opportunities of creative co-production, repurposing and innovation?’

More >

13 Oct 16 Amélie Proulx Seminar

Design Informatics Seminar from Amélie Proulx on Digital Porcelain
Thursday 13 October 4-5pm
Design Informatics Studio (room 1.09) Evolution House, ECA, 78 Westport, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE
Porcelain, this material considered unchanging over time, is at the...

More >

29 Sep 16 Aaron Quigley Research Seminar

Thursday 29th September 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (1.09), ECA, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE
Aaron Quigley, HCI, St. Andrews

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04 Aug 16 27 Aug 16 Design Informatics Pavilion

The Edinburgh Digital Entertainment Festival (4-27 August 2016) is to launch this year as a new face on the Fringe circuit, the festival "presented by Riverside Studios, brings together the worlds of arts, entertainment and technology – to showcase the best of what is happening right now and...

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15 Apr 16 Elise van den Hoven talk

Join us this Friday 15th April 3pm for a special research talk by Elise van den Hoven MTD, University of Technology Sydney
T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (1.09), ECA, 78 Westport, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE
Materialising Memories: a design research programme to study everyday...

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12 Apr 16 This Happened

Tuesday 12th April 2016, 6pm.
CodeBase, 38 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 9SJ

This happened... is a series of events focusing on the stories behind interaction design. Having ideas is easier than making them happen. Each event delves into projects that exist today, how their...

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04 Apr 16 Audience Reactor Collider

8 April 2016 1-4pm 
T Room (1.09) Evolution House, ECA, 78 Westport, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE
Creative practitioners in the performing arts want to understand better how audiences respond to new work, both in development and deployment phases. Capturing and understanding...

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31 Mar 16 Alex Cole, Peekabu Studios Seminar

Thursday 31st March 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (1.09) 78 Westport, EH1 2LE
Designing Digital for the Real
Alex Cole, Peekabu Studios

More >

24 Mar 16 Luigina Ciolfi Seminar

Please join us for this weeks Design Informatics Talk
From intervention to co-creation: how ‘meSch’ is empowering cultural heritage professionals realise tangible interactive installations
Luigina Ciolfi, Sheffield Hallam University
Thursday 24th March 4...

More >

17 Mar 16 SICSA PlayLab Evening Panel

Thu, 17th March 2016 6pm T-Room First Floor ECA Evolution House West Port Edinburgh EH1 2LE
By: SICSA PlayGround Mini Theme

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17 Mar 16 Simon Yuill Research Seminar

Thursday 17th March 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (1.09), ECA, EH1 2LE
Process and Notation in the work of Anni Albers and Alfred North Whitehead
Simon Yuill

More >

12 Mar 16 The Large Honey Collider

Saturday, March 12, 2016, 10am-5pm
ECA Boardroom, Evolution House
78 West Port
Edinburgh College of Art
EH1 2LE Edinburgh
United Kingdom
Sign up at: ...

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10 Mar 16 Gerard Briscoe GSA Seminar

Design Informatics Talk
Thursday 10 March at 4.00pm, T Room (1.09) Evolution House, ECA, EH1 2LE
Designing Digital Cultures
Gerard Briscoe, Glasgow School of Art

More >

03 Mar 16 Stefan Helmreich, MIT Seminar

‘The Water Next Time: Changing Wavescapes in the Anthropocene’
Stefan Helmreich, MIT
Thursday 03th March 5pm Room 2.13, 2nd Floor Evo House, ECA (please notechange of time and venue)

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25 Feb 16 eoSurgical Research seminar

Please join us for this weeks Design Informatics Talk by Simon Humphrey-Adam from eoSurgical
Thursday 25th February 4.00pm T-Room (1.09), 1st Floor Evo House, ECA, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE

eoSurgical: Improving Skills and Saving lives

More >

16 Feb 16 Innovative Learning Week: Circular Economy Challenge

There Is No Alternative ... or is there?
The Sustainable Business Initiative at the Business School are collaborating with the Edinburgh College of Art and the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Department to host the exciting Circular Economy Challenge which open to...

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04 Feb 16 Giovanni Innella research seminar

Please join us for this weeks Design Informatics Talk Thursday 4 Feb at 4.00pm. The events are proving very popular so please arrive before 4pm in order to get a good seat.
T-Room, ECA 1st Floor Evo House (1.09) 78 Westport, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE
The GeoMerce Project...

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28 Jan 16 Valentina Nisi Seminar

Thursday 28th January 4pm T-Room, 1.09 Evo House, ECA, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE
New Trends in Digital Storytelling: The case of Laura Silva
Valentina Nisi, M-ITI Portugal

More >

21 Jan 16 Clara Mancini / Open University

Please join us for this weeks Design Informatics Talk Thursday 21st January at 4.00pm.
Design Informatics T Room, 1.09 Evolution House, ECA, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE
Animal-Computer Interaction: Designing Interactive Systems for and with More-than-Humans...

More >

14 Jan 16 Michelle Bastian Research Seminar

Please join us for this weeks Design Informatics Talk Thursday at 4.00pm.
Thursday 14th January 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (Room 1.09)
Multispecies Methods: Participatory Research and the more-than-human

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01 Dec 16 02 Jan 16 ThingsCon 2016 – Designing relevant Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is here to stay; no one is questioning that. But we still see that the creation of relevant connected products is not the default. The talk on IoT is often on the data systems and infrastructure, on the new business models. But how do you design smart products that add...

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03 Dec 15 Laura Cram Seminar

Thursday 3rd December
4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (1.09)
Laura Cram, School of Social & Political Science
Flagging Interest:
A neuropolitical approach to implicit identity triggers


More >

26 Nov 15 Simon Kirby Research Seminar

Thursday 26th November
4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (1.09), ECA 78 Westport, EH1 2LE
All welcome!
Simon Kirby, Language Evolution, Edinburgh
Cultural Evolution and Human Uniqueness

More >

19 Nov 15 Neil McGuire Research Seminar

Unexpected Items in the Bagging Area
Neil McGuire, After The News, Glasgow
Thursday 19th November 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (1.09), ECA, 78 Westport, Edinburgh

More >

13 Nov 15 Collider: Shifting cognition, shifting perception

Shifting cognition, shifting perception:  New models for an age-friendly society
When: 13 November 2-5pm
Where: Design Informatics T Room (room 1.09), Evolution House, ECA, University of Edinburgh, 78 Westport, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE
Book a place: Tickets are...

More >

12 Nov 15 Jude Cook, ShareIn Seminar

Crowdfunding Platforms Are Not Magical Cash Machines
Jude Cook, ShareIn, Edinburgh
Thursday 12th November 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (1.09)

More >

05 Nov 15 Mel Woods Seminar

Designing for Creative Intelligence
Mel Woods, University of Dundee
Thursday 5th November 4pm T-Room (1.09), 1st Floor Evo House, ECA, 78 Westport, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE

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29 Oct 15 Matt Ratto Seminar

DI Reseacrh Seminar, Thurs 29 October 4pm, Room 1.09 Evolution House, ECA, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE
All welcome!
Crafting the Computational Maker: The Conservation of Embodied Phenomenological Experience

More >

22 Oct 15 Simon Tricker Research Seminar

Simon Tricker, Urban Tide, Smart City Data Experts
Thursday 22nd October 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (1.09), ECA, EH1 2LE, all welcome!
Exploring Smart Cities
The presentation will provide an overview of why we need smart cities. How we build...

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15 Oct 15 Kami Vaniea Research Seminar

Please join us for this weeks Design Informatics Talk Thursday 15 October at 4.00pm.
T-Room (1.09), 1st Floor Evo House, ECA, EH1 2LE

Kami Vaniea, School of Informatics
Staying safe online and making security usable

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04 Oct 15 State of the Map Scotland 2015

The State of the Map Scotland 2015 Unconference (SOTMS) will be held on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd October 2015 10am-4pm. It will be followed by 'Map.Makars' workshop on Sun 4th October 10am-4pm

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01 Oct 15 Priscilla Chueng-Nainby Research Seminar

Join us for the first research seminar of the new academic year by Priscilla Chueng-Nainby, Participatory Design
Thursday 1st October 4-5pm T Room (1.09) Evolution House, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE
Design Activism: Co-Design in the Wild with...

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28 Sep 15 Temporal Design: Surfacing Everyday Tactics of Time

The second in the series of Temporal Design events hosted by Design Informatics (ECA) will focus on the tactics used to negotiate time in everyday life. We are particularly interested in asking how design might support or hinder what we are calling ‘vernacular temporalities’. That is, the...

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30 Jul 15 30 Aug 15 Reciprociti

We are delighted to be hosting Patrick Stevenson-Keating's work (first shown at the Design Museum, London) as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival 2015. 
Exhibition: Reciprociti
Venue: Royal Bank of Scotland, 142-144 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4EQ

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26 Aug 15 Programmable Money workshop

The Programmable Money workshop will explore what the future of money might be like. After a brief introduction to the changes that network technologies are having on money, the main part of the workshop will be devoted to helping parents and children programme some rules for their imaginary...

More >

18 Aug 15 Make Exchange

Make Exchange, Tuesday 18th August (workshops : 10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM auction : 6PM-8PM)
Royal Bank of Scotland, 142-144 Princes Street, Edinburgh
Part of the Reciprociti Exhibition

More >

07 Aug 15 Harmonium

Friday 7 August 10.30pm, Festival Square, Edinbugh
We have been working with the impressive 59 Productions for the Edinburgh International Festival's opening event The Harmonium Project. Harmonium is a free outdoor event marking the opening of the 2015 Edinburgh International...

More >

05 Aug 15 re:value Artist Talk Reciprociti

Date: 5 August 6-8pm
Location: Royal Bank of Scotland, 144 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4EQ
Tickets are free but secure a space please sign up via Eventbrite
re:value is a jewellery exhibition by designers Jonathan Matthew Boyd and Adam Henderson which questions...

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31 Jul 15 Reciprociti Artist talk and Private View

31st July 5.30-6.15pm Patrick Stevenson-Keating talk followed by drinks reception 6.30-8pm

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19 Jun 15 19 Jul 15 Out of Play: Unruly Pitch

Design Informatics researchers are to be featured at the National Football Museum as part of the Out of Play: Football and Technology exhibition. Artist Jen Southern in collaboration with Chris...

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06 Jul 15 Zaytoun at V&A Digital Futures meets EVA London

We are very pleased to announce that Zaytoun is going to be exhibited as part of the V&A Digital Futures programme in London on Monday 6th July as part of EVA London.

More >

26 Jun 15 Will Odom, Slow Tech Time

Research Seminar, all welcome
Friday 26 June 12-1pm
Room 2.13, Evolution House, ECA, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE

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15 Jun 15 23 Jun 15 Moving Behaviours: Transport Network events

To mark the end of the Travel Behaviours Network we will be showcasing our research projects over two events Moving Behaviours: Designing City Connections on 15 June at the Future Cities Catapult London and Moving Behaviours: Connecting Travel on 23 June at the Transport Systems Catapult Milton...

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15 Jun 15 Story Blocks: Reimagining Narrative through Cryptocurrency

This workshop is part of a series of events in which we will explore some of the principles of the blockchain in the context of storytelling. It is a fun way to learn more about the intricacies of digital currencies, but also to discuss and reimagine the future of collaborative writing and...

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22 May 15 Design in Action Summit

22nd May 2015 09:00 – 18:00
Edinburgh International Conference Centre, 150 Morrison Street, Edinburgh
What does the future of design look like? How will the creation, development and realisation of new technologies affect businesses? Can the adoption of design in...

More >

21 May 15 Once Upon A Future

Design in Action Summit Day One
Thursday 21st May, 4-7pm
Warburton Gallery, India Buildings, Victoria Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2EX
Once Upon a Future is a two-part evening of stories from the future produced by Design Informatics and Creative Edinburgh.

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15 Apr 15 17 Apr 15 Data Bomb!

As part of the Design with Data course students have been working with the National Museum of Scotland's data and collections to create new pieces in response to the Scotland: A Changing Nation Gallery. Kim Reichart, Yinghui Wang, Wanshan Yu and Casper Menkman will be showcasing their work at...

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04 Apr 15 TRON v TRON: legacy

New Media Scotland brings Late Lab to the National Museum of Scotland for Edinburgh International Science Festival.


Greetings program. Welcome to the Grid.

Kick off the 2015 LateLab season by playing to decide which of these two films gets the Atmosphere treatment in...

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02 Apr 15 02 Apr 15 Keeping you playing: Gaming Analytics

Keeping you playing: Gaming Analytics

Mark Robinson, deltaDNA
Thursday 2nd April 3pm T-Room (1.09), 1st Floor Evo House

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26 Mar 15 Diego Zamora Talk

Diego Zamora Research Seminar Thursday 26 March 2015 4pm
T Room (1.09 Evolution House), Edinburgh College of Art, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE
Emerging practitioners/creative technologies, why talking about disruptive technologies is wrong 

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19 Mar 15 Filipe Vilela Research Seminar

Please join us for this weeks Design Informatics Talk
Validated by 3D Printing
Filipe Vilela, Chemistry, Heriot-Watt
Thursday 19th March 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (1.09)

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18 Mar 15 Broth!

‘Boil stones in butter and you may sip the broth’   Old Proverb
Join us on Wednesday the 18th March, at 6pm for a 7pm performance, at The Scottish Storytelling Centre, 43-45 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SR for an evening of video and performance. 'Broth' is an honest...

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13 Mar 15 Seannachies Collider

12 noon - 5pm (drinks 5–6.30pm), Fri 13 March, Edinburgh College of Art, Room 1.09 Evolution House, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE

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12 Mar 15 Loraine Clarke Research Seminar

Please join us for this weeks Design Informatics Talk
Thursday 12th March at 4.00pm, ECA, 1.09 Evolution House, 78 Westport, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE
Evaluating and developing Tangible Interactive
Exhibits  for museums

Loraine Clarke,...

More >

05 Mar 15 Creative Careers Festval

Lots of workshops and events happening as part of the Creative Careers Festival. We will be taking part in the Computer Games and Apps event on the 5th of March so make sure you come and say hello if you are going along!

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26 Feb 15 27 Feb 15 PuBliC at Future Everything

PuBliC at Future Everything 26-27 February 2015
Town Hall - Outside Albert Square, Manchester, M60 2LA
A team of us will be going to the Future Everything Festival in Manchester this year to run a workshop...

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24 Feb 15 Professor Chris Speed Inaugral lecture

24th February 2015
Main Lecture Theatre (E22), ECA Main Building, Lauriston Place , Edinburgh
Professor Chris Speed's inaugural lecture will take place at Edinburgh College of Art on the 24th Feb, all welcome.

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22 Feb 15 Connected High Street: Hide and Seek Challenge

The Connected High Street Hide and Seek Challenge will invite participants to explore the high street in an unusual way.

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12 Feb 15 Larissa Pschetz Research Seminar

Thurs 12 Feb, Design Informatics T Room (1.09 Evolution House, EH1 2LE) at 4pm. All welcome!
Larissa Pschetz : Temporal Design

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13 Dec 14 Hide and Seek Christmas Challenge

The Hide and Seek Christmas Challenge will invite participants to explore the High Street in an unusual way. All you need is a mobile phone and an idea of how to hide a piece of garment in one of the shops of Princes Street. You will need to conceal it well enough so that other customers and...

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01 Dec 14 09 Dec 14 #include event- Cryptocurrencies

Design in Action and Design Informatics will be holding our first Crytpocurrency flavoured #include events for drinks, chat, and informal talks from designers and cryptogurus.
We are holding 2 events, the first in Edinburgh on the 1st December 5.30pm and the 2nd in Glasgow on the 9th...

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27 Nov 14 Kristina Andersen Talk

Thursday 27 November 2014 4pm
Edinburgh College of Art, T Room (1.09) Evolution House, 78 Westport, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE
Making Unknown Technology

Kristina Andersen, STEIM, Netherlands

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20 Nov 14 20 Nov 14 Adam Stokes: Towards Bio-Hybrid Soft Robots and Integrated Soft Systems

Towards Bio-Hybrid Soft Robots and Integrated Soft Systems
Adam Stokes,
Institute for Micro and Nano Systems & Institute for Bioengineering, Edinburgh
Thursday 20th November 4.00pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House

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14 Nov 14 Carlo Ratti Lecture

Prof. Carlo Ratti, director of Senseable City Laboratory @ MIT Boston is coming to present his work as ESALA Visiting Fellow this November 14th-15th.

The event titled Sense and sentiment in the urban environment will be an occasion to discuss, think and deepen concepts about the urban...

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13 Nov 14 Sam Meech talk

Join us this Thursday 13 Nov 4pm  for our research talk by artist Sam Meech.
Location: T Room (1.09) Evolution House ECA
Punchcard Economy - Rates for the Job
How does an artist working in a digital economy relate to the traditional structure...

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07 Nov 14 Collider: Nearables

Friday 7 November 2-5pm

T Room (Room 1.09) Evolution House,
Edinburgh College of Art, 78 Westport, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE

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06 Nov 14 Charles Sutton seminar

Join us for this week's research talk by Charles Sutton, School of Informatics

Thursday 6th November 4.00pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (room 1.09), ECA, EH1 2LE
Summarizing Data Using Probabilistic Machine Learning

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30 Oct 14 Alex Taylor, Research Seminar

Alex Taylor, Microsoft Research
Research Seminar, Thurs 30th Oct 4pm, 1.09 Evolution House, ECA, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE. All welcome.
TITLE: Data and Life on the Street

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23 Oct 14 Jeremy Kidwell, Research Seminar

Thursday 23rd Oct, 4pm in the T Room (1.09 Evolution House, ECA 78 Westport, EH1 2LE).
Jeremy Kidwell- Can a designer be courageous? Looking at the ethics of design through the virtues of craft

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16 Oct 14 Hadi Mehrpouya Research Seminar

Free Software
Hadi Mehrpouya, Design Informatics
Thursday 16th October 4.00pm T-Room (1.09), 1st Floor Evo House

In 1517, Martin Luther ignited the Protestant Reformation
with his assertion that no worldly power had the right to
interpose itself between the...

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10 Oct 14 Collider, Re-imagining the City: Maps, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Literature.

10 October 2014, 2-5pm
T Room (Room 1.09) Evolution House,
Edinburgh College of Art, 78 Westport, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE


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09 Oct 14 Clare Petherick Research Seminar

Process of Drawing
Clare Petherick, Illustrator
Thursday 9th October 4.00pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evolution House (1.09), ECA, 78 Westport, EH1 2LE

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02 Oct 14 02 Oct 14 Design Informatics Talk: Cristián Simonetti, University of Aberdeen, Thursday 2nd October 4pm

The stratification of life, mind and disciplinary knowledge.
Temporal design in science.

Cristián Simonetti, University of Aberdeen
Thursday 2nd October 4.00pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House

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24 Sep 14 Internet of Cars Symposium

24 September 2014, Hartley Suite, University of Southampton 09.30 – 16.30
The Internet of Cars distributed exhibition and symposium is the culmination of a three year research project entitled Sixth Sense Transport and the work of its research team that has developed technologies to help...

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18 Sep 14 Research Seminars

With the start of the new term we are please to announce our new Research Seminars series, with speakers such as Alex Taylor, Sam Meech, full speaker list below. The series opens with Mark Sorsa-Leslie a local entrepreneur. Our seminars are open to all and take place every Thursday in the T Room...

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18 Sep 14 Mark Sorsa-Leslie Research Seminar

T Room, Evolution House, ECA 4pm Thursday 18 Sept 2014
New opportunities with Beacons
Mark Sorsa-Leslie, Bubbal

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03 Sep 14 04 Sep 14 Producing data: practices, materialities, values

An interdisciplinary symposium

3rd - 4th September 2014, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, University of Edinburgh

Hosted by: Design Informatics, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh

Organisers: Chris Speed, Gian Marco Campagnolo, Siobhan Magee and New...

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22 Aug 14 Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas

Design Informatics took part in this year's Edinburgh Fringe (22 August 2014) with the Beltane Public Engagement Network. We showed a new and improved version of Take Me I'm Yours which we have previosuly shown at the Expanded Narative...

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28 May 14 21 Jun 14 The Palace of Forgetting exhibition

Warburton Gallery, India Buildings, Victoria Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2EX
Exhibition open 10.30-17.30 Wed-Sun May 28- June 21 2014
The Palace of Forgetting is the first collaboration between Robert Powell and Hadi Mehrpouya, an artist with a background as a software...

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19 Jun 14 Representation and Communication talk

Final set of talks to coincide with The Palace of Forgetting, an exhibition of new work by POWELL + MEHRPOUYA

19 June 12.15-1.30pm
Warburton Gallery, 1 India Buildings Victoria Street Edinburgh EH1 2EX

Representation and Communication

Speakers: Professor John Lee,...

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12 Jun 14 Design Informatics in the Thinking Machine

Thursday 12 June 6pm-8.30pm
Warburton Gallery
India Buildings, Victoria Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2EX
A night of talks from the research team of the Centre for Design Informatics in response to POWELL + MEHRPOUYA’s Thinking Machine, part of The Palace of Forgetting...

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28 May 14 29 May 14 Temporal Design: An Interdisciplinary Workshop

28-29th May 2014, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh
Organised by: Michelle Bastian, Larissa Pschetz and Chris Speed
. Speakers will include: Kevin Birth (CUNY-Queens), Sarah Sharma (UNC-Chapel Hill), Sian Lindley (Microsoft Research), Sus Lundgren (...

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27 May 14 #include Design in Action meets Code Base

T Room (1.09), Evolution House, Edinburgh College of Art, 78 Westport, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE
Design in Action and Design Informatics invite you to join us at the first #include event for drinks, chat, and exclusive access to some of ECA's degree show.

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20 Apr 14 20 Apr 14 Late Lab: Internet of Things that Matter

How does data change our relationship with physical ‘things’? The Internet of Things exploits new technologies to link physical artefacts with data across social and technical networks. Join the Design Informatics Research Group to explore this new technology. From teapots that you can haggle...

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13 Feb 14 13 Feb 14 Mark Selby talk Experiencing Data

Experiencing Data
Mark Selby, Centre for Design Informatics
Thursday 13th February 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House

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30 Jan 14 30 Jan 14 John Wood research Talk

Metadesigning; Surviving by re-designing design
John Wood, Emeritus Professor of Design at Goldsmiths
Thursday 30th January 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House

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23 Jan 14 23 Jan 14 Mark Kobine Seminar

So what do you Do?
Mark Kobine, ECA / Independent Designer
Thursday 23rd January 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -

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14 Nov 13 14 Nov 13 Joe Lockwood Design Innovation: Preferable Futures

Design Innovation: Preferable Futures
Joe Lockwood, Glasgow School of Art
Thursday 14th November 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House

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07 Nov 13 07 Nov 13 The Qualified Self: it’s not just about numbers

Collider Event 7 November
2.30-5pm Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB

This Collider explored how we can analyse the different kinds of data that people create or collect about their lives in ways that can provide meaningful and useful insights back to individuals....

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31 Oct 13 31 Oct 13 The Social and Social Computation

Stuart Anderson, School of Informatics
Thursday 31st October 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House

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03 Oct 13 03 Oct 13 Interfaces: Language in a Technological Age, Jon Oberlander

Research Seminar, Thurs 3rd Oct 4pm
T-Room, Evolution House, ECA

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01 Oct 13 01 Oct 13 Media, Connected Products and Immaterials, Jack Schulze

Tuesday 1st October 1pm
T-Room, Evolution House, ECA
Jack Schulze is a Principal at BERG, and co-founded the company in 2005. He obtained his MA from the Royal College of Art in 2006, where he worked on physical products connected to the...

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26 Sep 13 26 Sep 13 Hybrid Research, Alan Murray Research Seminar

Thursday 26 September 4pm
T Room, Level One, Evolution House

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30 Aug 13 30 Aug 13 Friday 3oth August - Shaping Things: Artefacts and the 3D Printer

In this workshop led by Chris Speed, you can play at 3D Chinese whispers, adapting objects and artefacts using time-lapse technology until they no longer resemble their original form.

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29 Aug 13 29 Aug 13 Thursday 29th August - Art and Technology

Professor of Epistemics Jon Oberlander, Professor of Composition and Electroacoustic Composition Peter Nelson, and Chris Speed of the Edinburgh College of Art discuss historical, conceptual and philosophical relationships between the performing arts and technology. Chaired by theatre specialist...

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20 Jun 13 20 Jun 13 Design Specks: Connecting People with Speckled Computing

Designing for a particular technology is not easy, even for the seasoned designer. Do you focus on the potential of the technology at the outset? Or put it to the back of your mind and first consider the people you are interested in designing for? Or is there an approach somewhere between these...

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13 Mar 13 14 Mar 13 13th and 14th March - Symposium: The Evaporation of Things

The symposium Evaporation of Things is intended to explore the increasingly digital interface to biological ‘things’. From the phylogenetic analysis of plants, to the data representation of the human genome project, studying the subject on a screen has replaced the study of the material artefact...

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