Happily ever after (bitcoin)

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Installation showing as part of the Design Informatics Pavilion by biomorphis architects.
Title: Happily ever after (bitcoin)
Artist: Design Informatics collaboration, code by Hadi Mehroupya
Ever wanted to join your partner in bitcoin matrimony? Or wanted to join another partnership for a short time only? You’ve come to the right place. Record a short-term bitcoin union in the blockchain at our “Living with Data” pavilion. Blessed with a small amount of bitcoin, you can merge and share your wallet for the duration of your nuptials only. By sealing your romantic agreement (and unromantic dissolution) in the blockchain, your temporary wedding will become immutably recorded in an ever growing database of encrypted marriages.
Blockchain is the underlying encryption technology of bitcoin which allows for many transactions and values to be recorded safely in the form of a programmed, ever growing chain. The distributed nature of this so-called ledger makes hacking almost impossible and your spontaneous romantic agreements will be saved forever.
This speculative prototype questions traditional forms of legal contracts which are currently governing our relation and partnerships and explores new opportunities in smart contracting technology and software. How we negotiate roles and values in such new forms of short-term partnerships could open up and update traditionally fixed legal contracts into mobile, contemporary, digital agreements for a range of applications and communities.
How we can negotiate new forms of contracts and transactions? What new forms of smart contracts will we be able to design in the future? Who will benefit from such contracts and how will these affect the relationships and partnerships we build?
This web app prototype was developed in collaboration with James Stewart, Max Dovey and Corina Angheloiu during the Blockchain City workshop at the Citylab conference in Amsterdam. Workshop and concept by Chris Speed, Larissa Pschetz, Dave Murray-Rust, Hadi Mehroupya and Bettina Nissen. Link to the original concept video https://vimeo.com/163565402
When: 4-27 August 2016 11am-6pm
Where: Digital Entertainment Festival, 54 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2LR