Less is more – Smart wardrobe

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Showing as part of the Design Informatics Pavilion by biomorphis architects.
Title: Less is more – Smart wardrobe
Artist: Yicheng (Charlotte) Zhang (Advanced MSc design Informatics Student)
Excessive belongings tend to result in resource wasting, financial issues, as well as a disordered lifestyle. The two major causes are a belief that material possessions can signal success and bring happiness and poor money management. This product helps people manage their money, also raising awareness of the belongings’ value, and subsequently prevents people from compulsive shopping.
To use it you need a personal account, then add your clothes information into it and set the maximum number of clothes you would like to have. Smart wardrobe detects the weight of your clothes and any changes made to the weight. According to the change, it recognises which piece has been worn and records its usage times. Based on that it calculates P/T (price/usage times) to show the price of each usage. When you try to add one more to it, the wardrobe will refuse if the wardrobe capacity has reached the limit. This is meant to encourage you to think whether you need this shopping or would like to donate one of your clothes away by tweeting with the hashtag “LIM_donate” in exchange for the new one. The two suggestions you receive will be the one with lowest P/T, which means you have worn it most, and the one you used the least and kept for longest.
The idea is to focus on the quality not the quantity in your life. Do ask your smart wardrobe before shopping!
When: 4-27 August 2016 11am-6pm
Where: Digital Entertainment Festival, 54 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2LR