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Installation showing as part of the Design Informatics Pavilion by biomorphis architects.
Title: BitBarista
Artist: Rory Gianni, Ella Tallyn, Mark Kobine, Larissa Pschetz (Design Informatics)

BitBarista is an example of an Internet of Things device, one of a growing number of devices connected to the internet that can collect, exchange and use data. BitBarista uses Bitcoin currency enabling customers to engage with this new form of transaction that can move beyond currency into new types of value exchange.  
BitBarista is a Delonghi home coffee machine that has been enhanced by the addition of a Raspberry Pi computer which interfaces with the coffee machine enabling the computer to control its functions. BitBarista has its own Bitcoin account, so it can accept and make Bitcoin payments.  This means that customers can pay for coffee in Bitcoin, and BitBarista can also make Bitcoin payments to customers in return for maintenance tasks such as refilling the water or cleaning away coffee grinds. The idea is that BitBarista becomes semi-autonomous, trading with customers to take care of its own maintenance requirements.
When: 4-27 August 2016 11am-6pm
Where: Digital Entertainment Festival, 54 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2LR