Kate Symons

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0131 651 5756
Research Associate
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Kate Symons is a human geographer and Post-Doctoral Research Associate on the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) funded project 'Ox-Chain: Towards secure and trustworthy circular economies through distributed ledger technologies’. This is an interdisciplinary project between global development organisation Oxfam, the Universities of Edinburgh, Newcastle and Lancaster along with third sector research partners. The project seeks to develop a novel form of value circulation for Oxfam’s donated items and contribute to debates around degrowth, sustainable and circular economies, and innovative uses of emerging digital technologies in a not-for-profit context.

Kate has a BA (hons) in Philosophy from the University of Nottingham, MSc in Africa and International Development from the University of Edinburgh, and PhD in Human Geography from the University of Edinburgh. Her PhD research focussed on the intersection between neoliberalism, biodiversity conservation and extractive development in Mozambique. Her wider research interests include the neoliberalisation of nature, emerging green economies in Africa and the politics of conservation and community development. Kate has taught development and environment-related courses in Geography, most recently as course organiser for Frontiers in Human Geography: Development and Socionature.

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