RTD Talks and Workshops

As part of the Research through Design (RTD) conference we are going to open up our two panel discussions, workshops and keynote from Studio Swine to friends and colleagues to give more people an opportunity to take part in discussions. All talks will take place at the National Museum of Scotland and will cost £5 plus booking fee and the workshops will take place across Edinburgh and will cost £20 (which will cover lunch and materials).
22 March 4.15-5.15pm
Panel discussion.  With Kristina Andersen (Steim), Tobie Kerridge (Goldsmiths), James Auger (M-ITI Madeira) and Sarah Kettley (Nottingham Trent), chaired by Dr Craig Martin (ECA) Sign up for tickets
23 March 4.15-5.15pm
Panel discussion. With Dr Sam Alberti, Keeper of the Department of Science and Technology and Dr Xavier Dectot, Keeper of the Department of Art & Design (both National Museums of Scotland), Dr Jayne Wallace, Northumbria and Prof. JP Singh, Edinburgh, chaired by Professor Chris Breward (ECA). Sign up for tickets
24 March 2.30-3.30pm
Keynote talk. Creating works that span across disciplines of art, design and film, SWINE explores themes of regional identity and the future of resources in the context of globalisation. SWINE's work manifests a deep research into materials and industrialisation. Sign up for tickets
WORKSHOPS 21st March 9am – 5pm
Practice-led Research Workshops
We have chosen four workshops that explore various elements of research through design, including hybrid technologies, tacit knowledge, and site specific making. Delegates need not have any previous experience in the specific areas, only an open and enquiring mind…
If you are interested or want more information just follow the links below:

Aluminium Sandcasting: Waste Moulds from Waste (led by Ian Lambert, Edinburgh Napier University)
This workshop invites participants to make sense of the factors arising from their immediate location that will give rise to a small creative act using hybrid pre-industrial and industrial processes, i.e. sandcasting, using a portable foundry for smelting scrap aluminium. Sign up for tickets 
Flowing with the City (led by Rocio von Jungenfeld (University of Kent), Vincent Van Uffelen and David Strang)
This workshop will explore how low-tech mapping techniques can reveal the complexity of flows that constitute the city and make these flows accessible to citizens. Sign up for tickets 
Interrogating the Unspoken (led by Dawn Mason (UWE), Matthew Partington (UWE) and Tom Sowden (Bath Spa))
The aim of the workshop is to identify the unspoken and intuited tacit knowledge of designers and makers. Collaboration with both people and materials is at the heart of the approach, as well as interrogating communication, assumptions and risk that are part of a making practice.  Sign up for tickets 
Post-digital Making in the Print Workshop (led by Chris Wilson, Northumbria University)
This workshop offers an opportunity to discuss participant’s interests in post-digital making and explore experimental methods of printmaking through the creation of a hand printed 8 page limited edition book.  Sign up for tickets 
The Research through Design (RTD) conference will be held in Edinburgh, UK, between the 22nd and 24th of March 2017 focussing on New Disciplines of Making – Shared Knowledge in Doing. For more information and tickets for the conference itself visit http://researchthroughdesign.org/2017/

start date: 
Tuesday, March 21, 2017
end date: 
Friday, March 24, 2017
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