Cristina Nan, Research Seminar

The Immaterial Material
Cristina Nan, ESALA, Edinburgh
Thursday 30th March 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House (1.09), 78 Westport, EH1 2LE

This talk will offer an overview of newly started lines of investigation regrading the digital, in its various forms, within the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Edinburgh. From robotics to digital fabrication to digital landscapes embedded in the material world, the Immaterial Material engages with the notion of data as an immaterial entity which revolutionises the 21st century and initiated irreversible global dynamics, but at the same time relies upon a vast physical footprint, comprising infrastructure and buildings. This physical footprint is part of our material world, existing almost unnoticed in the ‘suburbs’ of our perception.

Cristina Nan is a Lecturer in Design and Digital Fabrication at the University of Edinburgh. She is specialised in the applied field of digital fabrication and architectural theory of the Digital Turn, holding a PhD in architectural robotics from the HafenCity University in Hamburg. In her research Cristina concentrates on the topics of robotics, architectural machines, digital fabrication, additive manufacturing, design and fabrication logics in architecture.

The image shows the interior of one of Google's data centres in South Carolina, Berkeley County.
All welcome

end date: 
Thursday, March 30, 2017
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