The Latent Image: The 5th International Conference on Transdisciplinary Imaging at the Intersections of Art, Science and Culture

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The Latent Image: 
18 - 20 April 2018
Edinburgh University - Talbot Rice Gallery & Informatics Forum
Keynote speaker: Professor Karen Barad, University of Santa Cruz
The fifth International Conference on Transdisciplinary Imaging at the Intersections of Art, Science and Culture will call for papers that focus on the fluidity between the seen and unseen. Understood as patterns that simultaneously freeze and transcend fleeting realities, images are bound by the paradox of being of a moment that has passed. As cultural theories seek to overcome the stable, spatial realities that image-based forms of comprehension have projected, and new technologies reshape how information is read and encoded, the latent image opens up a vital critical strand of enquiry.

Originally designating the invisible atomic changes occurring in the photographic process prior to development, the latent image refers to the underlying translation and reconstitution of information that underpins all analogue and digital imaging as it negotiates with a transient reality. The liminal space between the seen and unseen being an ongoing locus of a ‘becoming’. A catalyst for debates about sonic images, invisible networks and relationships between intuition and intelligibility, this conference will raise quantitative and qualitative questions important to any discipline predicated on image production.

  • What are the problematics of the seen? How do we measure or represent the seen? Is there a measure for the unseen?
  • How can we make the role of intuition intelligible in the contemporary image?
  • Do stealth technologies/distributed data/networks transcend the image?
  • How do we represent the language of the world?
  • Do the technologies of science help define or do they elide the unseen?

The aim of the conference is to bring together artists, theorists , scholars, scientists, historians and curators. Papers that respond to the above provocation are invited from areas related to: Media Arts, Painting, Drawing, Curating, Installation, Film, Video, Photography, Data Visualization, Real-time Imaging, Design, Intelligent Systems and Image Science.
For full information, including theme tracks and deadlines, visits the transimage website.