DataVisFest - call for collaborators!

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DataVisFest - 16-18 March 2018 - call for collaborators!
Are you interested in using data visualisation to communicate and engage people around the topics of inclusion and inequality? We are looking for people and organisations to join us as data collaborators at the upcoming DataVisFest on (In)equality and Inclusion, which will take place on 16-18 March as part of the Data Lab’s DataFest18.
The DataVisFest will explore how data visualisation could improve the accessibility of complex and occasionally abstract data and help people to become better informed and to engage with critical issues in their communities and beyond. We are an interdisciplinary team from the University of Edinburgh (data visualisation, data science, Living Lab, interaction and product design, etc.) who are interested in supporting greater citizen participation in the ‘data revolution’. The event is open to the general public and especially invites designers (visualisation, interfaces, graphics, products, etc) and data scientists to create new ideas, design prototypes and develop future collaborations.
As a data collaborator, you can

  • present a particular challenge or opportunity related to understanding or awareness of (in)equality and inclusion based on publicly-available data or
  • present your own data relevant to inequality or inclusion that you would like participants to explore and visualise.

More details about these roles are available on the website.
Possible visualisation outcomes include concepts for infographics and data comics, exhibitions, physical visualisations, interactive-webstories, data videos, or interactive visualisations. Examples of data challenges, relevant data, and data visualisations are available online.
If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible at or and we can schedule individual meetings to discuss more details and answer questions.