Community of Interest

Every project, student or staff, has to address a practical challenge and those challenges range over the ways we work, the ways we care and the ways we play.  So, on the work side it is especially creative work; on the care side we are interested in how we look after more effectively vulnerable members of the community and support the people who already do that kind of care; and on the play side we are interested in how we spend time on holiday, on the sports field or at home.  Around these challenges we are building up a community of interest and it is designed to build bridges between academics and organisations both commercial but also in the public sector and they’re small and they’re large and they’re local and they’re global and the idea is that those links will help to underpin the placements that students will be taking in future summer semesters.
Over the past year we have hosted a whole range of intensive activities that take on practical challenges and help to build communities.  So one example is Culture Hack Scotland which was organised by the Edinburgh Festival’s Innovation Lab and it brought together players from the world’s largest cultural festival with developers and designers and, over what I think I can fairly say was an exhausting but rewarding twenty-four hours, it sparked a whole series of project ideas some of them useful and some of them just plan fun.  For activities like these in Design Informatics we’ve got great facilities including Inspace.  It’s on the ground floor of the Informatics Forum and it’s 300 square metres of space and it can transform into a gallery, a studio, a cinema, a workshop or an informal lecture theatre.  It’s curated by New Media Scotland and Inspace has worked as a partner venue for the Edinburgh International Science Festival, for the International Film Festival and for the Edinburgh Art Festival.  For the Centre, Inspace helps to explore the cultural significance of Informatics and new media practice and design and it lets members of the public get directly involved in our research community.

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