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Student Success for BDC New York!

University of Edinburgh students win the runner-up prize at the international Biodesign Challenge at the Museum of Modern Art  (MoMA) in New York
University of Edinburgh students Eva Auer, Sean Greaves and Joe Revans have won the runner-up prize in the International Biodesign Challenge (BDC) at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.

NYC Calling: Biodesign Challenge 2017

The University of Edinburgh is taking part in the Biodesign Challenge 2017, a cutting-edge international competition that invites students to explore biotechnology through hands-on design methods.
From January through April, interdisciplinary teams of 3-5 students at the University of Edinburgh will design new materials, artefacts or systems that take inspiration, extend, appropriate, question and / or transform biological systems. Activities and tutorials will take place on Friday mornings. 

Less is more – Smart wardrobe

Showing as part of the Design Informatics Pavilion by biomorphis architects.
Title: Less is more – Smart wardrobe
Artist: Yicheng (Charlotte) Zhang (Advanced MSc design Informatics Student)


Totely is showing as part of the Design Informatics Pavilion by biomorphis architects.
Title: Totely
Artist: Philip Budny (MSc Design Informatics student)

Design for Informatics in Evening News and BBC

Great to see some of our students getting recognition for their work in the local paper. This project relates to the Design for Informatics course run by Arno Verhoeven. The students have been working with partners in the City Council, through the Edinburgh Living Lab, a teaching/research initiative being set up by James Stewart, Ewan Klein and Arno.

Semester 2, Innovative Learning Week Round Up

This week the Design Informatics Students went to attend the TEI 2014, which is the eighth international conference dedicated to presenting the latest results in tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction. This conference is held from 16th to 19th February 2014 in Munich, Germany.

This is a great opportunity for us to learn and broaden our horizons. On Monday, the opening talk “The Rich-Touch Revolution is Coming” was very impressive. The era of multi-touch is coming to a close, and we are on the eve of an exciting new age of “rich-touch” devices and experience.

Week 5, Semester 2 Round Up

This week, students of Design Informatics went to the workshop for the first time, and we spent the whole afternoon there on 11 Feb. The workshop, which includes the wooden workshop and metal workshop seemed quite interesting for us.
Mark Kobine (DI technician) guided us to the main building of the college of art, we went upstairs and saw the unbelievable machines for the first time. I find that the workshop would be quite useful for my project as I was looking for way to create a model for my project.

Semester 2, Week 3 Round Up

Week 3

Monday: Production Meeting
Our design informatics group will go to attend the 8th TEI (International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction) in Munich. Thus at first, we talk about some details about the itinerary and preparation in Germany. After that we also discuss some new innovative smart devices that can make our design informatics studio wonderful.

Semester 2, Week 2 Round Up

Thanks to Meng Lu for this week's summary of the DI activities. We were lucky enough to be working with Dave Murray-Rust (Informatics) & Rocio von Jungenfeld (ESALA) this week on arduino training for the students. Dave and Rocio will be exhibiting some of their work at this year's Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh 28th March to 5th Feb 2014.
A review of week 2 of Semester 2

Semester 2, week 1 Round Up

After a well deserved Christmas break the Design Informatics Students arrived back in the studio this week. Thanks to Anqi for this week's round up:

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