Company Engagement

The Centre has worked with a wide range of small local companies through the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) Innovation Voucher scheme.

The scheme provides up to £5,000 of funding aimed at encouraging first time partnerships between a company and a University or Further Education College. The company contributes an equal value in cash or in kind (such as staff time, materials or equipment) or a combination of both.

We have worked with local company Co&Co, a skills sharing platform for students and graduates who ‘create’ to collaborate and gain external opportunities. In this project we work with the company to help them work through their BETA version developing the interface to make it more intuitive by revising the internal site structure making it work both for designers and developers ensuring that the front end user experience was improved. From this inital project a student has gone on to work on a SFC Student Placement Voucher with the company to develop the initial project.

Last year we also worked with Topolytics who have created real-time environmental monitoring and reporting platform tracks waste management. Topolytics worked with the Center and two of our Masters students to work on their air monitoring web application for Anyang in China. The students, who were both from China, worked with the company to develop a platform for the translation of data captured to the platform ensuring the information was displayed appropriately for the new market.