Geocoin Workshop

This workshop will introduce new developments such as blockchain and smart contracting technologies to participants in a tangible and experiential way. The aim is to foster and support creative explorations of potential future visions of value exchange in an increasingly ‘smart city’.

After an initial introduction, workshops comprise of a hands-on exploration of GeoCoin and a creative smart contracting activity. GeoCoin is a web app developed by the Design Informatics Team to explore digital currencies and value in the city. Based on the smart contracting platform Ethereum and in association with your phone’s GPS data, it will challenge your understanding of data sharing, value exchange, and economic transactions in the city in an experiential way. We will then further dive into the understanding and use of smart contracts through an ‘If This Then What’ design exercise to envision and imagine new narratives and potential applications.

Overall, this workshop aims to foster discussion and understanding of potential issues, concerns and opportunities arising from these new technological developments for society, business and people alike. No prior knowledge of the technologies is required to join the workshop, nor is it necessary to own a smartphone. However, bringing a smartphone along will allow you to get the most out of the experience.