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Collider: Keeping Promises — Responsible and Sustainable Tourism in Scotland

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Last year has been devastating for Scotland’s tourism industry. Now, as we are opening up and starting to rebuild Scottish tourism, we must also transform tourism to meet our net zero ambitions. In addition, we want to avoid the problems when Scotland first reopened in the Summer of 2020 where a small minority of people didn’t act responsibly, with unpleasant scenes of rubbish-strewn parks and beaches and anti-social behaviour being reported in some of Scotland’s most beautiful spots. These are threats to the industry’s long-term recovery.

Locals and visitors need to play their part in re-making Scottish tourism, to make tourism that acts responsibly and puts sustainability first.

VisitScotland are leading the way! In 2020, they became the world’s first, national tourist board to “declare a climate emergency” by signing up to the Tourism Declares initiative. This year they launched Scotland’s Responsible Tourism Promise, a set of principles that locals and visitors promise to adhere to when visiting. Countries like Iceland, Finland and the Faroe Islands already have well-established visitor promises and pledges.

At this event, we will explore how to increase the impact of Scotland’s Responsible Tourism Promise on visitors’ behaviour, addressing questions such as:

  • What can help locals and visitors respect, protect and enjoy Scotland?
  • How can digital and data technologies enhance a visitors’ promise or pledge?
  • What approaches can directly influence visitors’ behaviour?

Join Edinburgh Futures InstituteVisitScotland and Traveltech for Scotland (an organisation launched in summer 2020 designed to help Scotland’s tourism sector make a sustained recovery) for an afternoon of ideation and creativity to start devising novel, yet practical tools for responsible and sustainable tourism in Scotland.


Please join the online event at 1.45pm (BST). The Collider will start promptly at 2pm (BST) and close at 5pm (BST).

At the start of the Collider, VisitScotland will set the scene with a challenge statement.

We will follow with three thought-provoking talks delivered by innovators from different fields. You will hear provocations from:

The talks will be followed by breakout sessions, where you will work in groups to address the challenge statement.

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