Creative AI Residency Work In Progress Presentation – Theodore Koterwas

Theodore Koterwas presents his work to date as Creative AI Artist Residence for Design Informatics and Creative Informatics. He is approaching AI from the perspective of the body: exploring what it means for AI when we consider “intelligence” as a process of the entire body rather than just the brain. Taking inspiration from the way gesturing while speaking is a pre-linguistic act of physical thinking, he is training an AI to communicate through physical gestures alone. This work will be realised during the Edinburgh Science Festival in April as an interactive installation in which these gestures will be felt through the body and the immediate environment around you. He is particularly interested in how we might react to this AI “other” whom we can’t see but can only feel: will we treat it as an invisible friend or an uncanny poltergeist?


During this Work In Progress event, Theodore will present his broader practice-led research into experiencing data through the body, related research in embodiment and artificial gesture generation, and his progress toward realising this current project.



Theodore Koterwas is an artist and musician working with data, physical phenomena and the human body. He seeks to draw critical attention to aspects of daily experience that often go unnoticed but profoundly impact on how we understand each other, technology and the environment.