Data Pipe Dreams: Glimpses of a Near Future

Glimpses of a Near Future

2- 25 August, 11am – 6pm

What are the dreams of a data-driven future?

What if your hairdryer could buy energy at 2am and sell it to people drying their hair on a Friday night? What if you could see how sharing your YouTube comments could affect your employability? What if the Blockchain could spark thousands of micro acts of kindness to transform Edinburgh for the better?

You can experience all of this and more at the Design Informatics Pavilion, which showcases prototypes and interactive installations by Design Informatics researchers, Masters students and partners at Tesco Bank. The Pavilion’s exhibits investigate the possibilities of designing with data, and how this can enrich or challenge our personal, economic and social lives. Come and have a play and explore what are now data pipe dreams, but not for long…

Further details will be released in the coming months, in the meantime learn more about Gigbliss, Design Informatics’ blockchain hairdryers in this video

This event is part of the Edinburgh College of Art Festival Exhibition, which is part of the Edinburgh Art Festival 2018.

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Design Informatics Pavilion, Outside Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street, EH2 2LR