Data Vis Hub Talks – Laura Smith, Slanted Theory

Future Data Visualisation Concepts

Laura Smith, Slanted Theory

Wed, July 15 2020 @ 11am

Abstract: The world of data is an ever growing entity. Companies are collecting vast amounts of it, on customers, machines, processes, location. Predictions put us in the realms of generating 163 zettabytes by 2025. We have some way to go, yet we are all already struggling to make sense of the data we collect. Data exploration and communicating this complex data is a challenge. Teams are under pressure as the data grows to find insight and communicate it to those that don’t have data science backgrounds. This usually means lots of dashboard graphs and reports. But it there a better way?

Bio: Laura Smith is CEO and head of interactive visualisations at Slanted Theory, an innovative data visualisation and analytics company that utilises A.I. along with Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality to disrupt the way data is analysed, making it easier to discover hidden insights. Laura has had a strong interest in art and design from a young age and started her career around computers by mixing digital and fine art. Later working around computer science and complex research data, Laura fused the two paths to cofound Slanted Theory. She now specialises in creating engaging interactive experiences in virtual and augmented reality to enable non-specialists to explore multidimensional data like never before, to support faster decision making through her ALAIRA platform.


Online Blackboard Collaborate (no installation required)