The power of storytelling

Design informatics research seminars

The age of “build it and they will come” is gone. In the 21st century, ideas are only as strong as their audience engagement. Great products are created every day, but the most successful founders share one very important trait: the ability to tell their story. The art of storytelling is deeply embedded in the human psyche. Research has shown that good storytelling hooks people emotionally, causing them to feel more empathy and become more open to new ideas.

In this presentation, Denis talks about how you can use storytelling right now, to capture imaginations and take your creative projects further than ever.

Beginning his career with BEng Interactive Multimedia Design at University of Ulster, Denis joined digital agency Realise in 2006 where he worked with high profile clients such as Lloyds Bank, Scottish Hydro, and Channel 4. He went on to become a freelance animator, as well as a lecturer in Motion Graphics at Napier University. In his current role as creative director of Stampede, an animation studio based in Edinburgh, Denis specialises in working with technology companies to tell their story more effectively.

Design Informatics T- room, 3.10 Evolution House, 78 West Port, Edinburgh