Design Informatics Webinar – Andrew Marks, Niantic

Meet You Out There: Niantic’s Mission-Driven Approach to Creating Augmented Reality Experiences
Andrew Marks, Niantic
22 October @ 4pm

Andrew Marks joined the Niantic Labs team in 2019 as part of the AR-leader’s acquisition of UK-based games studio Sensible Object, and has worked across a range of Niantic’s products (including Pokémon GO and upcoming releases). As part of Niantic London, Andrew led the company’s initiative to partner with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Andrew is also a voiceover artist, most recently featured in the Supergiant Games release Hades.

Website: https://andrew-marks.com/

Twitter: @AndrewJohnMarks

Running Order

16.00 – Welcome by Chris Speed
16.05 – Talk by Andrew Marks
16.50 – Q&A
17.00 – End

Online Zoom Webinar