Design Informatics Webinar – Andrew Marks, Niantic

Meet You Out There: Niantic’s Mission-Driven Approach to Creating Augmented Reality Experiences
Andrew Marks, Niantic
22 October @ 4pm
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Niantic (creators of Ingress and Pokémon GO) is on the forefront of designing experiences that augment our world, solving challenges to realize the full potential of augmented reality using technologies such as machine learning and computer vision. Behind this planet-scale technical infrastructure lies a foundational mission: using emerging technology to enrich the experience of the physical world while encouraging exercise, exploration and social interaction on a global scale. When Niantic players use our products they get moving, they make friends, they explore public space, parks, local historical sites, street fairs, celebrations, and social impact events. Andrew will share his insights on the process of developing digital and physical experiences, discuss the design principles that guide Niantic’s product development process, and suggest some best practices on playtesting and prototyping.

Andrew Marks joined the Niantic Labs team in 2019 as part of the AR-leader’s acquisition of UK-based games studio Sensible Object, and has worked across a range of Niantic’s products (including Pokémon GO and upcoming releases). As part of Niantic London, Andrew led the company’s initiative to partner with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Andrew is also a voiceover artist, most recently featured in the Supergiant Games release Hades.

Website: https://andrew-marks.com/

Twitter: @AndrewJohnMarks

Running Order

16.00 – Welcome by Chris Speed
16.05 – Talk by Andrew Marks
16.50 – Q&A
17.00 – End

* Please note that this webinar will be recorded*

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