Design Informatics Webinar – Iohanna Nicenboim, TU Delft

A More-Than-Human Design Approach to AI
8th October @ 4pm

Iohanna Nicenboim is an interaction designer and design researcher. Currently, she is doing a Ph.D. funded by Microsoft and supervised by Elisa Giaccardi and Johan Redström at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. Her practice-based research focuses on human-AI relations. She investigates that using speculative methods within a more-than-human orientation. She has published work in HCI and design venues about resourcefulness and more-than-human design. She is also the author of several award-winning design fictions highlighting the ethics of living with smart technologies in future everyday life. She is a ThingsCon Fellow and a recipient of the Internet of Things Awards for Design Fiction in 2015/6.

Websites: https://iohanna.com/ https://morethanhumanai.cargo.site/

Twitter: @iohanna_ed

Zoom Webinar