Designing Futures of Money and FinTech: Show and Tell

Join us for an hour of Show & Tell with future scenarios from our DIS 2020 Workshop on Designing Futures of Money and FinTech!

On July 7th and 8th, a group of Human-Computer Interaction and design researchers will participate in a DIS2020 workshop on Designing Futures of Money and FinTech.

The workshop will culminate in developing ‘pastiche scenarios’ to demonstrate the role for design research on topics of money and FinTech. Pastiche Scenarios are a fun and engaging technique where the experience of new technologies are explored by situating them in the world of familiar characters, for example, from a TV show, film or novel.

For example, consider how the life of Homer Simpson would be portrayed through transactional data from his credit card, or how Mr Bean would interact with a contactless payment system? Imagine how the cast of The Office would split a bill with a mobile banking app, or how Fleabag might turn to crowdfunding?

Join us for the final hour of our workshop, where we Show & Tell examples like these developed during the workshop, and reflect on exciting opportunities for design research on FinTech and Money. Register for a place on Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/designing-futures-of-money-and-fintech-dis-2020-workshop-show-tell-tickets-111884128440 

On-line register via Eventbrite