DI Webinar – Katie Siek, Indiana

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Checking In With All Stakeholders: Reflecting on Research Methods While Designing an Electronic Toolkit with Older Adult Crafters

Computing researchers develop technology for older adults – from innovating how to make commodity technology more accessible to designing aging in place systems for various stakeholders. Older adults are often consulted by research teams, but not integrally involved in the design process. The research teams themselves are often small with internal epistemologies that impact how research is conducted and analyzed.

In this talk, I reflect on how we iteratively developed an electronic toolkit with older adult crafters while collaborating with outside research teams. During our in-person and remote design workshops, we had to check in with older adult advisors to better understand how we could organize mutually beneficial design workshops that would also help us understand how to scaffold activities to build up their electronics knowledge. Likewise, we checked in with other research teams who integrated their own research approaches into our design process. These collaborations made us aware of new empirical understandings about our methods and how we studied older adults. I conclude with considerations researchers should take when designing for older adults and how to check-in on their own research practices.


Katie Siek is a professor and chair of Informatics at Indiana University Bloomington. Her primary research interests are in human computer interaction, health informatics, and ubiquitous computing. More specifically, she is interested in how sociotechnical interventions affect personal health and well being. She has been awarded an NCWIT Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award (2019), a CRA-W Borg Early Career Award (2012), and Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance Distinguished Visiting Fellowships (2010 & 2015). Dr. Siek is a council member for the Computing Community Consortium; an elected member of the Computing Research Association’s Board of Directors; and a Distinguished Member of the Association for Computing Machinery.

Twitter: @katiesiek

Website: https://wphomes.soic.indiana.edu/ksiek/

Running Order

16.00 – Welcome by Maria Wolters

16.05 – Talk by Katie Siek

16.50 – Q&A

17.00 – End

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