DI Webinar – Kellie Morrissey, University of Limerick

Tracing narratives of participation in HCI research in dementia

In designing technologies for dementia care, many have historically drawn on narratives of deficit and decline, as well as economic and caregiver burden, leading to negative and often dehumanising depictions of dementia in the resulting designed artefacts and systems. During the past decade or so, inspired by strengths-led approaches in dementia care, as well as concurrent practices in creating technologies with (rather than for) marginalised participants, many design researchers have instead turned to participatory and co-design methods with people with dementia, with more recent projects focusing on designing to facilitate the activist work of dementia advocates themselves. Although both of these turns – towards participation and towards advocacy – have been extremely positive in shifting the conversation around design for dementia, they also bring challenges for design researchers and caring communities. In this talk, I will discuss these challenges with reference to my own recent work in designing to foreground the voices of people with dementia in design processes, as well as reflecting on how these trends are addressed in work by student designers designing for dementia care.




Kellie Morrissey is a Lecturer in Design for Health and Wellbeing at University of Limerick’s School of Design. Her academic background is in Applied Psychology, and she received her PhD from University College Cork where her work focused on designing for social connection in under-resourced dementia care centres in Ireland. She was a postdoc and a Research Fellowship at Newcastle University’s Open Lab (2016-2019). She has received £1 million+ in funding as PI and Co-I in her career so far and is the author of 44 peer-reviewed academic papers. Her work focuses on experience-centred approaches to designing technologies for health and care, particularly in the areas of ageing, dementia, mental health, sexuality and women’s health.

Twitter: @kelliemorrissey

Running Order

16.00 – Welcome by John Vines

16.05 – Talk by Kellie Morrissey

16.50 – Q&A

17.00 – End

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