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DI Webinar – Lynne Murray, ECA Design Informatics

Digital Nostalgia: Provocations for re-imagining the digital materiality of our future selves
Lynne Murray, ECA Design Informatics

We are living through a heightened period of digital flux. Our identities are currently contained in 2D static ‘Zoom’ frames, missing bodies. Computer imagery, AI, games and data networks are creating new forms of being human and expanding on the surface of worn possibility, creating complex narratives and dissolving the real and unreal, the historic and new.

From a landscape of advancing change in what it means to be and dress digitally, this talk explores some forgotten influences and references on our current digital material cultures. It aims to explore ways in which a ‘nostalgic’ visual narrative can create new thinking for future immaterial surfaces to wear. It is an opportunity to step back and consider the foundations of our digital legacy, examining how we have historically engineered an ‘augmented garment’ to help generate a new approach.

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As an entrepreneur, designer and scholar, Lynne has founded multiple organisations and lead impact across business, public and charity sectors specialising in design and material cultures. A jewellery design professional, Lynne re-imagines craft thinking in the context of digital experiences. Her unique insight creates an agile impactful and contemporary position on what it means to be human in a digital world, at the juncture of the material and immaterial.

As co-founder and Non-Executive Director Holition Augmented Retail, Lynne pioneered virtual-try-on (VTO) AR for retail from 2008, creating a company to deliver notable digital experiences across jewellery, fashion and beauty brands including De Beers Group, Swatch Group, Richemont, LVMH, IBM and Coty, creating a language of VTO which continues today.

Lynne founded Digital Anthropology Lab at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts from 2015, leading digital research agendas, and creating new pedagogies at the intersection of craft, society and technology across Europe’s largest Art and Design University and is currently co-investigator of the UKRI Business of Fashion Textiles and Technology Creative Cluster, creating AI driven co-creation tools for the fashion sector.

Lynne continues to consult for the jewellery industry and is a member of Goldsmiths Centre Trade Advisory Committee, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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