DI Webinar – Martijn de Waal

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Civic Interaction Design & The City as a Licence

In his talk, De Waal will briefly introduce his take on the emerging field of Civic Interaction Design. He will then continue to talk about the work of the group on Design, Rights and Civics in a Blockchain Society, by introducing ‘The City as a Licence’ as a ‘generative metaphor’ that can be used to explore the implications of digital ledgers and other ‘smart infrastructure’ for urban governance and interaction design in an urban context. ‘The City as a Licence’ can be considered as an alternative to currently used metaphors and design objectives as ‘The city as a Service’. Whereas the latter brings out visions of consumer experiences of urban infrastructures that are optimized for individual users, the former shifts attention to digital infrastructure as an urban ‘rights management system’ and connects it to debates about ‘The right to the city’.


Martijn de Waal is a professor in Civic Interaction Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He has a background in journalism, media studies and practical philosophy, and is now exploring the connection between these disciplines and the field of design. His research focus is on the relation between digital media, public space and public values. Key publications include The Platform Society (Oxford University Press, 2019), with José van Dijck and Thomas Poell), The Hackable City (Springer, 2019), co-edited with Michiel de Lange and The City as Interface (NAi010 Publishers, 2014). In 2020 He was the general chair for the Media Architecture Biennale.


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Running Order

16.00 – Welcome by John Vines and Susan Lechelt

16.10 – Talk by Martijn de Waal

16.40 – Q&A

17.00 – End

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