DI Webinar – Dr Shama Rahman

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Designing AI and Human co-creation systems for augmenting creative processes

Dr Shama Rahman, CEO/Founder NeuroCreate and R&D Project Lead for Away To Mars, BFTT

The topic of AI and creativity is coming more to prominence, most frequently around AI being creative. With its rapid technological advances, it has a rapidly expanding world of possibilities.
Perhaps we can now turn our attention to enhancing human creativity using AI. How can we design and build AI systems to enable co-creation?
What insights can neuroscience give us into creativity and can it further illuminate how AI can be used as a tool to spark human creativity.
Shama will explore the potential of the symbiosis of neuroscientific-knowledge and AI-capabilities to result in neuro-enhancement and ‘augmented creative intelligence’; an approach within the growing area of ‘Neurodesign’.
Expounding on the stages within an innovation framework, different types of creativity, and the underlying neuroscience of the creative process, Shama will explore the capacity of AI as a tool to augment linguistic and visual human creative processes. She will demonstrate two digital applications in the creative fields of brainstorming and conceptualisation (NeuroCreate), and fashion design (Away To Mars). These are two interactive co-creative systems integrating AI, designed by neuroscience, and digitising different design-thinking tools, creative techniques and innovation frameworks.
The participants in this event could even expect to embark on an AI-assisted creative session themselves…


Dr Shama Rahman is a scientist, artist, and creative technologist. She holds a PhD in the neuroscience and complex systems of Creative Cognition and Innovation and her work has encompassed the use of wearable technology to enhance storytelling. She is the co-author of ‘Creativity in the Twenty First Century: Multidisciplinary Contributions to the Science of Creative Thinking’ and ‘NeuroDesign’ by Springer.
She is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and a multi-genre multi-cultural singer. She has toured internationally and was the first Sitarist Explorer to perform in Antarctica on the first ever Antarctic Biennale. As an actor, she was the lead of South East Asia’s first supernatural detective 24-part drama thriller.
Her multi-disciplinary practice has led her to be the Artistic Director of the Art/Science creative production agency Jugular Productions, producing interdisciplinary shows, salons, installations, immersive experiences and games.
Bringing together this extensive knowledge and work she founded NeuroCreate – using AI and Neuroscience in a symbiotic digital design to enhance human creativity, performance and wellbeing. NeuroCreate’s platform is implementing interactive NLP design-thinking techniques within mind-mapping formats for creative industries, and aims to enable creative Flow peak mental states through deep-learning classification and nudging of biosensor activity.
She is currently the R&D Project Lead/Product Manager for fash-tech company, Away To Mars, designing and implementing an AI system for co-creation in fashion design. This project is part of the Business of Fashion Textiles and Technology SME R&D Programme.


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