DI Webinar – Shana Agid

What have we made, what will we make, and how are we doing that?

At their most fundamental, collaborative design methods are intended to create the potential for people to work together to imagine and / or make something that can be valuable and of use, whether immediately or speculatively. This talk builds on experiments with methods in Black, feminist, and abolitionist work to think about experiments as methods in making systems and containers for liberatory practices. Through the lens of what in Participatory Design is called ‘infrastructuring’, the discussion will engage intersections of collective work, experimentation, and building capacities for living otherwise.



Shana Agid is an artist/designer, teacher, and organizer whose work focuses on relationships of power and difference in visual, social, and political cultures. She is an Associate Professor of Arts, Media, and Communication at Parsons School of Design and a co-developer of Working with People (working-with-people.org), a keyword-based curriculum and website for developing critical pedagogical frameworks for collaborative practices. His design work focuses on exploring possibilities for making self-determined services and campaigns through teaching and design research. She is also a book artist and letterpress printer, and a long-time member of Critical Resistance.



Optional reading

“Making and negotiating value: design and collaboration with community-led groups,” co-authored with Elizabeth Chin. CoDesign (Special issue: Understanding, Capturing and Assessing Value in Collaborative Design Research), 15 (1), 2019.

“How What We Ask Shapes What We Can Imagine: De-Coupling Design and Punishment,” Space and Culture (Special Issue: Inside Inside), 25 (3) July 2022.

Running Order

16.00 – Welcome by John Vines and Susan Lechelt

16.10 – Talk by Shana Agid

16.40 – Q&A

17.00 – End

Limited seats at Inspace are available, please book tickets in advance.

Online on Zoom or Inspace