DI Webinar – Winnie Soon, artist-researcher at Aarhus University

Exploring data with critical technical-art practice
Winnie Soon, artist-researcher at Aarhus University

The talk introduces explorative approaches in working, following and examining data as digital objects. With a focus on Winnie Soon’s Unerasable artwork series, she/they will unfold various macro and micro-temporalities of data processing that render digital objects (in)visible. Although there is increasing use of technological tools in supporting digital humanities research, this talk focuses on exploratory and artistic practice to take digital objects and processes as the central focus to produce reflexive work of critique.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Winnie Soon is an artist-researcher interested in queering the intersections of technical and artistic practices as a critical praxis, with works appearing in museums, galleries, festivals, distributed networks, papers and books. Researching in the areas of software studies and computational practices, her/their works concern digital censorship, data politics, real-time processing/liveness, invisible infrastructure and the aesthetics of code. She/they is currently based in Denmark and working as Associate Professor at Aarhus University.

Twitter: @siusoon

Website: siusoon.net