ECA Degree Show

Design Informatics MFA and Adv MSc

The ECA degree show is currently taking place across the ECA Lauriston Place campus with work from across all the subject areas from architecture to fashion to fine art and including work from the Design Informatics MFA and Advanced MSc students.

Our featured students are:

  • Wanting Chen,” The Centre” – lamp that reacts to the conversations around it.
  • Zidong (Jerry) Lin “’Health of Smart Objects’ – series of IoT objects in the home which respond if one of the other objects is in danger, creating a network of smart objects which can ‘take care of themselves’.
  • Lucy Havens “Physicalisation” – worked with data from the universities museums’ collections and created a physical representation of the music collections data.
  • Siyao Zhou who has created a turntable which ‘paints’ on silence.
  • Rosie Shu “Walking and Giving”- a distributed donation system called
  • Yi Wang has created an AR game for parents and children.

The degree show is free and open to all from the 1-9 June 11am – 5pm with late night openings on the 5 and 6 June until 8pm.

ECA, Evolution House 1st floor, 78 Westport, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE