Wearing data; the fabric of social becoming

part of Arcintex conference-workshops

Bettina Nissen, Dave Murray-Rust, Sarah Kettley, Sophia Lycouris and Matthew Hamilton will be running a workshop as part of the ArcInTex conference on the 9th – 11th April 2018 at Evolution House, Edinburgh College of Art.

This workshop will provoke, critique and debate questions relating to data and the body. With increasing amount of wearable devices and sensors capturing quantified self data, health data, environmental data and IoT data there are possibilities of understanding, recording and sharing intimate personal events and feelings. This leads to questions such as: Whose data is being used? How, when and to whom is it visible? How legible is it? How narrativized, interpreted or ambiguous is the data? Why would we want to express

ourselves and our bodies through data? These questions will lead us to create theatrical wearables in a spirit of serious play, to express data of the body, on the body and around the body.

We will look at this through the lens of intersubjectivity: the ways in which we create ourselves through interaction with others. This will provide provocations that drive the creation of wearable forms and data interaction concepts, thinking about how to capture and communicate our experiences as part of an intersubjective IoT network for wearing data. Participants will explore these concepts through tangible mapping and making exercises and develop basic skills with the Particle Photon in order to create playful wearable data prototypes. Participants are invited who are interested in interdisciplinary approaches to the body, data, programming or intersubjectivity. Materials will be provided for the fast creation of objects and appendages of the body.