Every-Body: City – Webinar

As part of our Festival exhibition for Inspace- Every-Body: City, Technology and the Body, we invited 3 prominent scholars to respond to the works of pioneering design studio Universal Everything. The first response was from Ola Uduku. Ola is Professor of Architecture at the Manchester School of Architecture where her research explores the history of educational architecture in Africa, and the contemporary issues related to social infrastructure provision for minority communities in cities in the ‘West’ and ‘South’. Ola reflected on Universal Everything’s iconic Walking City project.

Walking City (2014) recovers the futuristic visions of the 1960’s architecture practice Archigram. As Walking City moves along, her body adapts and morphs through a series of 50 different environments, offering a representation of place as citizen. For this academic response we invited Ola Uduku to explore how these ideals of modernism have been translated in different cultures. Ola Uduku took us on a journey from traditional African architecture through to High Modernism. Reflecting on how indigenous architects dealt with Western ideas and transformed them into a new hybrid style for Africa, adapting to the tropical environment, much like the constant evolution of Walking City.


Every-Body: City, Technology and the Body

Universal Everything is a collective of digital artists and experience designers who explore the relationship between humans, technology and futures. We bring their work to Inspace to stimulate discussion about how the body is shaped through AI and the city.

The Exhibition will be up from the 6-31 August 2020 https://inspace.ed.ac.uk

Image: Walking Cities, 1964. Photograph: © Herron Archives