Eyes Online: Understand your data, switch on your rights

Free public event this weekend in Inspace

This is a FREE interactive half-day of talks and workshops aimed at people who are not specialists in data or cybersecurity but would like to know enough to keep themselves right – suitable for anyone, regardless of knowledge or skill.

It will cover topics such as:

• What are your rights when it comes to your digital data and how can you use those rights

• Keeping yourself safe and private online

• What does the law say about data privacy and use by authorities?

• How can we trust anything online when there is so much fake news and fraud?

There will be a mix of hands-on practical installations and presentations from experts such as the Scottish Government, Open Rights Group, Police Scotland, cyber specialists, and academic researchers.

Come all day, or just drop in for the bits that interest you! Talk times to be confirmed – Final line up will be advertised here:

or follow @nordeyes

Please register here to help us ensure we have enough experts around on the day to answer any queries!

This is an external event organised by SUII.

Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB