FND Stories Exhibition 7-26 June

Capturing the stories and lived experience of those diagnosed with neurological condition, Functional Neurological Disorder, through art. 

East Lothian based artist, Andrew Brooks, will be exhibiting art focussing on telling the stories of those diagnosed with neurological condition Functional Neurological Disorder, FND, often referred to as the most common condition you’ve never heard of.

The multidisciplinary exhibition is based on interviews with 6 people from around the UK who live with FND along with contributions from over 90 of those diagnosed from around the world.  Artwork is created using techniques of data analysis from the interviews and contributions in a range of media including silent video, text-based art and large-scale ink and gold leaf pieces. The artwork raises awareness of the condition and highlights the lived experiences of those diagnosed.

Work will be on show through the 25m long windows of Inspace City Screen from June 7 – 22 with the aim of engaging as many people as possible.  On Wednesday 22 June there will be an exhibition opening with introductory talk from the artist and contributors.  This event will be the first opportunity to see the full exhibition with additional work and films on show Thursday 23 – Sunday 26 June, 11am-5pm.

The project is funded by Creative Informatics as part of their ‘Connected Innovators’ funding scheme.  Brooks is an independent artist but was supported in this project by FND Hope UK.

Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh