Garnet Hertz – ‘Disobedient Electronics’ talk

Design informatics research seminars

The Design Informatics research centre and DiSiGN research group, School of Design, University of Edinburgh are delighted to announce that Garnet Hertz (Canada Research Chair in Design + Media Arts, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver) will be giving a talk on his new book and project Disobedient Electronics. This will take place on Tuesday 26 September, 6-7pm in the T-Room, Design Informatics studio, Level 2, Evolution House, 78 West Port, EH1 2LE.

About Disobedient Electronics (www.disobedientelectronics.com):

Disobedient Electronics is a limited-edition publishing project that highlights confrontational work from industrial designers, electronic artists, hackers and makers from 10 countries that disobey conventions, especially work that is used to highlight injustices, discrimination or abuses of power. Approximately half of the 25 contributors are academics, while the other half are from the broader maker, tech and art communities. Topics include the wage gap between women and men, the objectification of women’s bodies, gender stereotypes, wearable electronics as a form of protest, robotic forms of protest, counter-government-surveillance and privacy tools, and devices designed to improve an understanding of climate change. As an experiment in research dissemination, three hundred handmade copies were produced and were disseminated for free to targeted researchers that wanted to include the book as a part of academic curriculum, reviewers writing critical responses to the publication, libraries and nonprofits, or curators including the book in an exhibition.

About Garnet Hertz:

Dr. Garnet Hertz is Canada Research Chair in Design and Media Arts and is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Design and Dynamic Media at Emily Carr University. His art and research investigates DIY culture, electronic art and critical design practices. He has shown his work at several notable international venues in fifteen countries including SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica, and DEAF and was awarded the 2008 Oscar Signorini Award in robotic art. He has worked at Art Center College of Design and University of California Irvine. His research is widely cited in academic publications, and popular press on his work has disseminated through 25 countries including The New York Times, Wired, The Washington Post, NPR, USA Today, NBC, CBS, TV Tokyo and CNN Headline News. More info: http://conceptlab.com/

Design Informations T room, 1.09 Evolution House, 78 West Port, Edinburgh, EH1