Glasgow Improv Theatre Play ‘Whose Ticket is it Anyway?’ with Ticket Designer

In the summer of 2021, while venues re-open and the Edinburgh festivals begin to return, researchers at Design Informatics have been building a tool to explore the future of ticketing.

Ticket Designer is a prototype to help artists, venues and audiences create and explore new kinds of tickets. Ticket designers can use a mix of templates, conditions and actions to create, save and share a unique ticket, each with its own unique rules. Anyone can use Ticket Designer to create a customised ticket.

Tickets are a key touchpoint in the relationship between artists, venues, and their audiences, and could be used for much more than simply controlling access to a show. You could create a ticket that listens to your Spotify, a ticket that lets you choose the setlist, or even a ticket that earns you money.

The team behind Ticket Designer built this tool to explore and collect new ideas about how what people value and pay for live events. As more people create tickets, the team build a library of different conditions and actions that will help them imagine the future of ticketing.

And to put the ticket designer to the test, the team have invited the Glasgow Improv Theatre to play Whose Ticket is it Anyway? – an online Fringe show which will be broadcast live on Twitch, at 6pm, Thursday, August 26th.

Audiences can design unique tickets for the show through Ticket Designer. The improv team will select tickets at random during the show, and bring them to life through improvised scenes.

Sign up to Ticket Designer and explore what you would like your tickets to do in the future!