Laurence Moroney on AI: Breakthroughs, Opportunities and the Future

Laurence Moroney, AI lead at Google, will present on the state of the AI industry, and where it’s heading. He’ll share the economic opportunities, and then cut through the hype around AI so you can understand what it is, how it works, and where you might get involved. He’ll also show (from a very high level,) the underlying technology and programming techniques that AI and Machine Learning are built on — with a view to demystifying AI, and share some amazing examples of where AI has made breakthroughs in things like medicine not just possible, but easy!



Laurence Moroney leads AI advocacy at Google, where it’s his mission to inform and inspire the world about the possibilities with AI and Machine Learning. He’s the published author of dozens of books, including the recent best-seller “AI and Machine Learning for Coders”. When not Googling, he’s also a top selling Science Fiction author, comic-book creator, and imdb-listed screenwriter. He also created the award-winning ‘Stargate AI’ and acted in one of the episodes!


The talk will be in person in Room G.07/G.07A in the Informatics Forum but will also be streamed online via Zoom, please book tickets in advance.

Online via Zoom or G.07/G.07A in the Informatics Forum