Modern Human Presents Pizza Block

Pizza Block workshop with Decentralized Design Meet-up

2-5 St John’s Square · London

Sign up: https://www.meetup.com/Decentralized-Design/

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Our Ox-chain team will be running their Pizza Block workshop on the 29 May with Modern Human for the Decentralized Design meet up. It will be a unique opportunity to learn about blockchain, experience how it works in practice and participate in a lively discussion. Decentralised or ’self-sovereign’ identity management has recently emerged as a potential blockchain use-case, in particular to grant individuals greater control over their personal data, and support verification of identity and certification. In this design-led workshop, we aim to unpack the core premises of blockchain-based identity management applications, and create space for participants to consider the implications of these systems in a range of domains. The workshop will be based around a co-operative game, where participants will play as either individuals or organisations acquiring, managing and verifying ‘pizza-making’ skills to each other, through a combination of blockchain-based artefacts and a distributed ledger.


Decentralized Design has been set up to cultivate a community of researchers, designers, product managers and similar, working on demystifying a highly technical space in order to bring forth real user value. Set up in February 2019 Decentralized Design will offer events that will focus on enabling the conversations we need to have, learning from those who are currently tackling design problems in this space and building out the practices that will enable constructive and positive futures for decentralized technlogies.

The event is sponsored by Modern Human, an award-winning, multidisciplinary design practice and innovation consultancy.

Modern Human works at the intersection of design, behavioural science, technology and business to imagine new products, services, & experiences that improve modern life. Their work includes connected home appliances that make you a better cook; financial services for the way you really manage your money; products that help doctors save lives in the NHS; and physical environments inside retail stores, libraries, museums and call centres.

Modern Human was founded on the philosophy we should all be enriched, empowered and liberated by the technology available to us. Blockchain is one of the next generation of technology with exponential power to transform the direction of humanity. Modern Human believes it’s vital for designers to contribute to conversations about the human implications of these technologies.