‘My Data, My Self’ TV – Episode 1

Designing from and with Data

Sunday, 18th October 2020
6pm BST / 7pm CET


Data has recently become part of a suite of materials that designers can use to develop engaging experiences. Experienced in using wood, metal, ceramics and plastics, designers are only just beginning to learn the challenges of working with this new material – data. Over the past few years it has been described as the ‘new oil’ but more recently, due to GDPR, it is more of a ‘hot potato’ that you don’t want to get caught holding.

This event will use two frameworks to explore how we might consider data as a material and the design implications. The first is the Ablative Design Framework that describes what it means to design from, with and by data, and Prof. Chris Speed will explore this through design examples.

The second is Human Data Interaction (HDI), a conceptual framework for empirical and technical advances that goes beyond transparency of data sharing and analytics, in order to address subsequent choices, actions and effects in ways that bring ethical concerns to the fore of systems design. Dr Ewa Luger will chair a panel with colleagues across the UK who use HDI to design with.

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