‘My Data, My Self’ TV – Episode 2

Data-Day Lives

Monday, 19th October 2020
6pm BST / 7pm CET


Who are you? Does data help you to become a better version of yourself? Not Sure? We’re here to help you find out – There’s a data object for everyone! It has become increasingly popular to incorporate data into daily life. Data objects – designs that deal directly with the collection, management and creation of personal data, can facilitate better relationships with the self. How do we as designers aid these relationships?

Here we follow the journey of members of the public who will not only reflect on their personal data challenges and the design solutions they developed to solve these but also demonstrate how objects become stepping stones to a better design process between designer and participant. These expert reflections on this journey demonstrate the importance of creating relationships that amplify and support user voices. Envisioned use in a workshop is not the same as actual use, as once users are out of the design space, the designs can change in meaning as they move into new environments. 

This session allows the experts to share their reflections outside of the workshop space and point to new ways of working with the public in the design process as well as why the co-design process is the way to do so.

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