‘My Data, My Self’ TV – Episode 3

Our Data Footprint

Tuesday, 20th October 2020
6pm BST / 7pm CET


Satellites in our heavens listen to us every moment of every day and ping our data across the globe and watch us silently from the skies. But when they do speak, the data they have captured about us and our planet, what is it they are saying to us about us? We asked five artists to work with space and satellite scientists in The Bayes Centre and industry experts to reveal through a creative lens what the eyes in the skies know about us.

From earth observation data we can see the impact of COVID on reducing our emissions in our environment, the erosion of our forests and the impact on communities who live there, or the migration of birds, the pollution levels in the sea, and the imagined sound of the interplay between satellite receiving dishes on earth staying in synchronicity with satellites orbiting above.

And in a more terrestrial sense, what data do we hold in our archives, museums and libraries? The history of who we are, the literature we have created, the stories we have told, the artefacts that chart our cultural heritage, books on every possible subject that have been written and collected….what do they reveal about us?

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