Pip Thornton at the Fruitmarket Gallery

Arcadia (2020) : Benjamin at the Mall

Open from the 6th Feb – 29th March 2020

If you are in Edinburgh make sure you visit the Fruitmarket Gallery’s pop up space in the Waverley Mall. Pip Thornton (one of our Creative Informatics RA’s) has produced a new site specific work following on from her work that we showed at the Festival last year.

Arcadia (2020) comments on the role of digital capitalism in the virtual and physical spaces of modern consumerism. Text from Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project (1939) is fed through Google’s advertising platform and displayed as if the words were commodities on a stock exchange. Prices are based on the economic value of the keywords which buy advertising space on Google’s search results pages.

Made specially for The Fruitmarket Gallery’s pop-up space in Waverley Mall, Edinburgh, Arcadia uses LED screens hung in the bookshop’s windows to display text that can be seen in the communal mall space below, and which mingles with the neon advertising of surrounding commercial stores.

To read more about the project visit Pip Thornton’s website.

Pip Thornton’s Arcadia – Fruitmarket Gallery Bookmarket from Five Percent on Vimeo.

Fruitmarket Gallery Bookmarket, Waverley Mall, Edinburgh EH1 1BQ