PizzaBlock at DataPlay

Are you interested in the future of digital identity? Have you heard of ‘blockchain’ technologies and wondered how they work?

PizzaBlock is a bespoke game and workshop to introduce and explore the future of ‘decentralised identity’, in the context of volunteering and freelancing. How can volunteers and freelancers prove their skills and experience, and keep control of their own data without relying upon any single centralised organisation?

During this hands-on workshop, participants will play the role of volunteers, training centres and social enterprises with a shared mission to make more good pizza in Edinburgh. To succeed, players will need to collaborate using a series of stickers, stamps, wallets and washing lines that make up our one-of-a-kind analogue blockchain technology!

No prior knowledge is required to take part, and this workshop is especially suitable for anyone with an interest in volunteering, freelancing or blockchain technologies. All players will be rewarded with free pizza at the end of the game when there will be the opportunity to learn more about blockchain technologies and meet new people.

As this is an interactive game, spaces for this workshop are limited.

If you would like to take part, please sign up via Eventbrite:

Participants must be over-18 to take part, and please note we will also be conducting filming during this event.

PizzaBlock has been designed by researchers at the Institute for Design Informatics, as part of the ‘OxChain’ research project, exploring blockchain technologies in the context of charities and civic society.

InSpace, 1 Crichton Place, University of Edinburgh