Research Seminar: Suzy Moat

Understanding Cities with Deep Learning

Suzy Moat – Data Science Lab, Warwick University

Thursday 10th October 4pm, Informatics Forum G.07

The visual appearance of the cities we live in is immediately obvious to us as humans, but has traditionally been challenging to quantify at scale. In this talk, I will present two streams of research drawing on large volumes of online photographs and deep learning to ask: are we healthier and happier in beautiful cities? And can we generate indicators of the economic wellbeing of a neighbourhood based on its visual appearance alone? Our findings show how deep learning and crowdsourcing can illuminate the relationship between our wellbeing and the visual environments we inhabit.

Suzy Moat is Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School, where she directs the Data Science Lab with her colleague Tobias Preis. She is also a Fellow of The Alan Turing Institute. Suzy’s research investigates whether data from the Internet can help us measure and predict human behaviour and wellbeing. The results of her work have been featured by television, radio and press worldwide, by outlets such as BBC, CNN, The Guardian, The Economist, New Scientist and Wired. Suzy also acts as an advisor to government and public bodies on related topics.


Informatics Forum G.07, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9LE