Research Seminar: Wendy Moncur

Keeping Secrets Online

Wendy Moncur, University of Dundee

Friday 6thSeptember 11.00am IF G.03, Informatics Forum


What strategies do people deploy in keeping secrets online? And how can these strategies be repurposed to (i) enhance the capacity of UK security agencies to detect & mitigate threats generated via online channels, and (ii) support those who keep secrets as parts of their jobs in countering UK & International security threats. We reviewed over 8000 research papers, uncovering a range of strategies, barriers and enablers involved in keeping secrets online. Three example contexts were used: supply and purchase of illegal drugs, escaping from intimate partner violence, and infidelity. We then condensed our findings, producing a short graphic novel – the “Illustrated Guide to Keeping secrets Online” – for use with security and law enforcement stakeholders in a series of well-received interactive workshops. This Design Informatics talk describes the approach taken, key findings, development of the Guide and subsequent impact workshops with stakeholders.

Professor Wendy Moncur is Interdisciplinary Chair of Digital Living at the University of Dundee, and leads the Living Digital Group (http://livingdigital.ac.uk). She holds a PhD in Computer Science and an MSc in Multimedia and Interactive Systems (Distinction). She is a member of the EPSRC Peer Review College, and is a Visiting Scholar at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Professor Moncur and her group carry out research into lived experience in the Digital Age, focussing on online identity, reputation, trust and security. Her impactful research traverses disciplinary boundaries, drawing on Human Computer Interaction, psychology, sociology, digital anthropology and design. She collaborates with industry (e.g. Microsoft, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bristows), Government, and a range of academic disciplines.

Everyone is welcome to attend!

G.03, Informatics Forum, Crichton Street, Edinburgh