Winter Term Research Seminars

Who/When                                                                     Discipline/From
Thurs 17th January 4pm Grace Annan-Callcott                – Ethical Information Society / IF, London

Thurs 24th January 4pm Lucy Havens                               – Visualising Meta-Data / Design Inf

Thurs 31st January 4pm Mohamed Kahmis                      – Privacy in Ubicomp / Glasgow

Thurs 7th February 4pm Richard Mortier                         – Human Data Interaction / Cambridge

Thurs 14th February 4pm Bowers & Shaw                        – Sound Performance* / Newcastle

Thurs 28th February 2pm-6pm DAOWO                          – Blockchain / Furtherfield, London

Thurs 7th March 4pm Lisa May Thomas                           – VR & Dance / Bristol

Thurs 14th March 4pm Peter Bennett                               – Design Through Tangibles / Bristol

Thurs 21st March 4pm Sarah Bennett                               – AI Ethics / Design Inf

Thurs 28th March 4pm Steve Love                                   – Design for Immersive Tech / GSA

Thurs 4th April 4pm Katerina Gorkovenko                        – Interaction Design / Design Inf

* This will be followed by a sound performance at the Wee Red Bar, ECA.

Inspace, 1Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9YL