Research Webinar – Abi Durrant, Caroline Claisse & Bakita Kasadha

Co-creative Design Research: on lived experiences of HIV, personal data interactions, and self-care
Abi Durrant, Caroline Claisse & Bakita Kasadha – Northumbria University (INTUIT Project) & Terrence Higgins Trust
Thursday 30th April 4pm

The potential for individuals to monitor, track and share data that they capture about their own lives is increasingly recognised by healthcare providers for supporting healthcare provision and the self-management of long-term conditions. But the communication of personal health and lifestyle data raises concerns for trust and privacy, especially for those living with potentially stigmatising conditions like Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). HIV provides a complex social, clinical, and ethical context for addressing design challenges around trusted health data interactions.

INTUIT is a 30-month interdisciplinary programme of research, funded by EPSRC, to develop and evaluate trusted digital tools for sharing personal data with health professionals, peers, and others, to support living and ageing well with HIV.  The research is co-created with partners, including experts in the lived experience of HIV, clinicians, charities, advocacy groups, and commercial enterprises, using participatory methods to deliver transferable empirical insights and strategic design directions.

In the talk Bakita, Abigail and Caroline describe their collaborative practice within the co-creative programme, highlighting the nature of the peer researcher role, the challenges of enabling peer research, and the value of dialogical exchange between them and the project team members that combines interaction design and poetic inquiry for meaningful engagement and ethical responsiveness.

An Interaction Designer by background, Abigail Durrant is Professor of Design at Northumbria University, and predominantly works in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Abi is PI of INTUIT (www.intuitproject.org), and works with Dr Caroline Claisse, who is Research Associate in Design on INTUIT at Northumbria, and a Communication Designer by background. Abigail and Caroline’s research is grounded in participatory, experience-centred design methodologies, and explores the significant challenges that we face for managing identity and expressions of selfhood in our everyday interactions with personal data. Abi and Caro collaborate with Bakita Kasadha, Terrence Higgins Trust (www.tht.org.uk). Bakita is a Peer Researcher with a particular interest in ethical engagement of participants and centering lived experiences in project and process design. Outside of her THT role, Bakita is a performance poet (BAKITA:KK) and holds a number of committee positions, including on WHO’s Global Validation Advisory Committee and Viiv Healthcare’s Positive Action Strategic Advisory Committee.  She recently graduated from Goldsmiths with a MA in Applied Anthropology and Community Development.


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