Research Webinar – Martin Kornberger

Exploring the interface between organisation design, governance, and technology
Martin Kornberger – University of Edinburgh Business School, Chair in Strategy and International Management
Thursday 14th May @ 4pm

This webinar was set up as collective conversation to explore the interface between organisation design, governance, and technology. As a point of departure the event discussed the concept of evaluative infrastructures (Evaluative infrastructures: Accounting for platform organisation) and then moved towards blockchain as an application of the idea of distributed governance (Universal entry bookkeeping? Blockchain as accounting technology, trust, and governance–Manuscript Draft–). Participants read both papers in preparation to share their own ideas.


Martin Kornberger received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Vienna in 2002. Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh as Chair in Strategy he worked at the University of Technology Sydney as associate professor in design and management, and as research director of the Australian Creative Industry Innovation Centre; at Copenhagen Business School as professor for strategy and organisation; and at EM Lyon, France. Since 2011 he is also a research fellow at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. With a background in the Humanities and an eclectic bookshelf behind him, his research focuses on strategies for and organisation of new forms of distributed collective action.

Image credit: NingZk V. (rawpixel.com)