Scottish Living artist: Wikipedia Editathon

This collaborative event between Edinburgh University’s Institute for Design Informatics, the university’s Wikimedian in residence, and the Fruitmarket Gallery will give participants a chance to shape information about living Scottish artists for future researchers.

Scotland’s vibrant art scene is not currently adequately reflected on Wikipedia, the globe’s largest information source. In celebration of the Jacqueline Donachie exhibition, participants at the editathon have a unique chance to contribute content to the Wikipedia pages of some of Scotland’s most prominent living artists.

You will receive a tour of the exhibition, training on how to edit Wikipedia pages and the kind of resources that are best to use when editing, and be provided with access to materials from the libraries of the Fruitmarket Gallery and Edinburgh College of Art.

Find out more about the event on the Wiki page HERE. You will find a list of the artists that have been identified that need additional information, however please contact if you have further suggestions about artists to be included.

You will need to bring your own laptop and created a Wikipedia account in advance. Creating a Wikipedia account only takes two minutes.

If you have any queries about Wikipedia and the editing process, please contact the university’s Wikimedian in residence on

Image credit: Jacqueline Donachie, An Era of Small Pleasures, 2017; Leather, brass rivets; 4000 x 8 x 2.5cm; photograph by Ruth Clark