Research Seminar Series: Benjamin Bach, Data Visualization

Perspectives on Data Visualization

Perspectives on Data Visualization
Benjamin Bach, Design Informatics
Thursday 20th September 4pm T-Room, 1st Floor Evo House

In this high-level and introductory talk, I discuss some common assumptions and general aspects about data visualization. As data visualizations are becoming more widely used in data analysis, journalism, and popular culture, so are widening the different opinions and perspectives on this rapidly evolving field. More people with more diverse backgrounds are using and creating data visualizations; more opinions are emerging; more people want to create visualizations; more people see the limitations of current techniques and practices. Are visualizations about seeing or about thinking? Are they about communicating or discovering? Are they static or interactive? Easy or hard to create? Do visualizations have to be intuitive? Which skills do I need to do data visualization? Join the talk and the discussion. I am curious to learn about your perspective.


Benjamin is a Lecturer in Design Informatics and Visualization at the University of Edinburgh. His research designs and investigates interactive information visualization interfaces to help people explore, communicate, and understand data.

DI T room, 1.09 Evolution House, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE